Study: Kind Acts From Men Now Make Women Suspicious Instead Of Thankful


Chivalry is officially dead, because committing a good deed will not put you in good standing with a woman, as she is more likely to be suspicious of you than thankful of your deed, a new study shows.

Acts such as holding a door or being polite will more likely have you labeled as a creep than a gentleman, as the rarity of the actions in the 21st century has caused women to become suspicious of those who commit them.

Style gurus have suggested that "standards have slipped" so far in the way men conduct themselves, that any good deed must have some ulterior motive.

A survey said 82 percent of women preferred to pay for their dinner on a first date and 52 percent claimed they would happily pay the entire bill.

For those of you looking to make the cliche Hollywood romantic move of offering your coats for your lady friends, you better think twice, as 78 percent of women said they would refuse it, even on a cold day.

If women don't want gentlemen, are we left to be scumbags, or is there middle ground?

Stephen Willard | Elite.