You've Never Heard Of These 7 Steamy Sex Positions, But You Need To Try Them Immediately

by Alison Segel

Sometimes, things can get a little bit stale in the bedroom. You're sick of doing the same moves over and over again, at the same time, with the same person. Or maybe you just started dating someone new, and you want to impress them with your skills in the bedroom.

Either way, you're done being basic in the bedroom, and you're wondering how to change things up a bit. But don't worry. I found some sex positions you've never heard of, but should definitely try immediately if you're looking to flip your boring bedroom routine.

1. "The Spork"


Sporks aren't just a mysterious item that may or may not exist in your kitchen. Now, they're in the bedroom, too, according to Women's Health Magazine.

Sporking combines a few sex positions in one. You lie flat on your back, while your partner lifts up one of your legs and penetrates you from a 90 degree angle. Essentially, you're getting banged perpendicularly.

If you're good at geometry and kitchen appliances, then this is probably a new, fun sex position for you. Just maybe don't actually call it "sporking" in the bedroom. It's a bit of a turn-off.

2. "The Side Saddle"

Guille Faingold/Stocksy

You've heard of cowgirl. You've heard of reverse cowgirl. But have you heard of side saddle?

In the side saddle sex position, you ride your partner, but instead of facing them or facing away from them, your side is to them — hence the name side saddle. While it might not be the most exciting view for either of you, it is a great position if you feel like mixing things up for a bit.

3. "The Snow Angel"

KateDaigneault/ Stocksy

This is a reverse missionary position, courtesy of Women's Health. Basically, you lie on your back while your partner lies on top of you... but with their butt toward your face. Yes — they are turned the opposite direction than usual.

Everything else is normal penetration, however, you now have access to your partner's gluteus maximus which, for some, is a major pleasure zone. Whether it's sticking a finger in their anus, using a sex toy, or, if you're super adventurous, using your tongue, the snow angel position will definitely not leave you feeling like an angel at all.

4. "The Pick Me Up"


In the "Pick me up," your partner lifts you while you put your legs around them. If they feel unstable, they can prop you against a wall during penetration.

While this position seems passionate and fun, it also requires a partner with a certain amount of strength, who can lift you throughout the duration of intercourse. Great for the physically fit and for people with a lot of endurance.

 5. "The Viennese Oyster"

andrew cebulka/stocksy

According to AskMen, the Viennese Oyster involves folding your body so that you put your ankles toward your head. If you have the flexibility for that, then this is the move for you.

However, this position gives way for some deep penetration, so make sure you're being slow and steady, as some rigorous pumping could be a bit painful. Time to get shucked!

6. "The Trapeze"

Ben Ryan/ Stocksy

For "the trapeze" sex position, your partner sits on the edge of the bed with their feet on the floor. You ride on top of them, with your legs wrapped around their waist for support and balance.

If you're feeling daring, test how far you can lean back, and if you're a true trapeze artist, go into a full backbend during penetration. That's certainly one way to spice up your sex life.

7. "The Flying Buttress"

The flying buttress is a lot like "The Snow Angel," except the woman is on top this time.

Here, man your partner lies on their back in missionary position. The woman gets on top, but instead of riding in cowgirl or reverse cowgirl position, she lies all the way forward so she, too, is lying down while thrusting. This way, her butt is almost completely in her partner's face, so they can use their hands to help guide her during penetration. Now this one sounds fun.

So if you want to spice up your sex life, why not try out one of these sex positions? Just make sure you're being careful. And that you've stretched first.

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