Why You Should Be Spending More Time With Your Significant Other Than With Social Media

You go out to a nice restaurant with your significant other. You take your seat and order food. As you sit there sharing stories of the day, you glance at other couples in the restaurant. Quickly, you notice that you and your significant other are the only people conversing, the only one’s looking at each other's faces.

Everyone else seems more interested in engaging with his or her phone. What happened to being in the moment, to enjoying the time you spend with your partner? People these days keep their devices on the table throughout a meal so they can check their Facebook notifications. We’re getting so attached to phones that so much time passes before we even look up to see someone’s face.

Many people now opt to prioritize social media above spending time with a loved one. Apparently, many find the world of technology more exciting than reality.

It used to be that when you’re dating someone, he or she occupies your mind during the day's idle moments — when you wake up, before you fall asleep, throughout lulls in the day. Today, people spend so much time with their phones, that many sleep with their devices and check social media half sleeping, during the night. Maybe some are even holding their partner’s hands less because phones now occupy the spot.

Sure, staying connected and plugged-in is important, but it should never be a higher priority than the important people in your life, be those people your boyfriend or girlfriend, family or friends. Stop being so attached to something that’s only materialistic, something that cannot give you the quality of happiness that an actual person can provide.

When you’re with these people, put all technology away. Learn more about a person. The only time you should pull out your phone is to take pictures with the people you are with to create memories with them. Otherwise, unplug for a few hours — you won’t hurt your phone's feelings. 

Photo via Fvantasy Tumblr