How To Have Good Skype Sex, As Told By A Webcam Model

by Bobby Box

Back when I was single, I would dabble in Skype sex.

I call this online interaction “Skype sex,” because “cybersex” sounds incredibly dated. Cyber? Are we androids installing software into each other's hard drives for sexual gratification? As far as I know, that's not how it works.

One thing I have learned from having Skype sex, which is really just masturbating to each other's actions through a broadcasting program like Skype or FaceTime, is that it can go very wrong pretty easily.

You don't have a person there physically, so you have to try your best at making the experience as authentic as possible, which isn't easy to do.

But fret not, friends. I'm here to help.

To assist, I've enlisted the help of award-winning web-starlet, model and self-described girl-next-door (but with bigger boobs) Taylor Stevens (NSFW) to bring some authenticity to Skype sex, an inherently unauthentic act.

For those who long for a sexy Skype session, search no further. Here's what you need to do:

1. Have a webcam, a mic and Skype.

If you want to have Skype sex, you're going to need the right materials to do so. That means having a webcam (duh), a mic (double duh) and Skype, which is free to download.

While Stevens has her own software for webcamming, she agrees that Skype is the fittest program for one-on-one webcam fun.

Although this should go without saying, you should both have webcams. When both parties broadcast, the experience is more interactive and less of a performance, where one shows all their goods while the other modestly types back. I've done it, and it's terrible, so Stevens and I definitely recommend two webcams for this to work in the best way possible.

Two mics are just as important. You want to hear the other party react to your tactics, and it's especially nice to hear them climax.

2. Don't jump right into sex.

Whether you're dating this person or not, Stevens is a firm believer that first, you must communicate. "Make the experience as real as possible. Not everything has to be about getting down to biz," she says.

To illustrate her point, Stevens details that she and her fans will have “date nights,” where they dress up and listen to music together. Then, as the date carries on, they dig deeper and chat about what's going on in each other's lives.

It's important to genuinely get to know the other person if authenticity is a key factor in your exploits. If sex is on the schedule, it'll happen, but getting familiar with each other on a deep level makes the experience even more genuine.

Again, you could be 'camming with your partner and already know them very well. They're away on business, and you two want to interact. So what do you do? Have date nights together! Dress up, toss on some tunes and eat a meal together (even if yours is reheated leftovers while he's chowing down on room service). Then, get down to business.

3. Cue the toys.

While Stevens prefers using her hands to do the trick, I wanted to recommend some items of interest to spice things up: Kiiroo's Onyx and Pearl Couple.

The Onyx is a Fleshlight-like penis sleeve, while the Pearl is a techy vibrator. Both items react to each other's movements using Bluetooth technology. Basically, whatever one person does with their toy, the other feels in all its glory.

While a tad pricey (both toys retail for $369), they're worth the money, especially if one of you travels for business a lot.

It's the most realistic way two parties can have sex while not in each other's present company. Add a webcam and a mic to the mix, and you've got yourself a party.

If you don't have such ample, spare cash, do as Stevens suggests and use your hands. At least those are free.

4. Be safe.

If you're not in a trusted relationship or if you speculate that this person could take screenshots, do NOT broadcast with that person.

While webcam sex can be incredibly fulfilling, it's not worth ruining your reputation or having nude photos of yourself posted online against your will.

5. Present your best self.

Before you broadcast, check out what you look like from the camera's lense. Aim your camera downward, as this helps capture a more flattering shape.

You should also opt for brighter lighting or for a light shining down from a higher source. These simple things are the best way to ensure you're looking your best without having to do much at all.

You should also make sure your surroundings aren't going to detract from the experience. Don't webcam in a bathroom or in front of a laundry hamper that's overflowing with dirty clothing. Broadcast from the bedroom or living room instead, and make sure it's tidy.

As for clothing, Stevens suggests dressing to your chosen “category.” If you're the girl-next-door type, dress like it. For example, when Stevens broadcasts, she envisions Cameron Diaz dancing and singing in her undies in the infamous “Charlie's Angels” scene.

“Everyone has a different niche,” she says. “Just be what their fantasy is. If they want you to be cutesy in pigtails, do that. If they want you to be a giantess, be that.”

Another good idea is to perform a flirty striptease before anything physical happens. (Just make sure you're actually in the frame so they don't miss anything.) For both genders, some flirty foreplay rarely goes unappreciated.

6. Play it up a bit.

Since you aren't in each other's physical company, you're going to have to play up the theatrics a bit.

Embrace your inner porn star, and act the part. Be loud, be dramatic and do things that may shock them. The extra effort only adds to the online experience.

7. When you climax, don't close the window.

When people “finish,” they usually climax and immediately close the window. To the person on the other end, this is rude and abrupt.

Instead, tell them how awesome the session was and that you'd like to do it again, if that's the case. You'll seem more genuine and less like you're using the person to get your rocks off (even if you are).

So there you have it, folks: your comprehensive guide to the best, most authentic webcam-cyber-Skype sex (or whatever you want to call it) you could ever wish to have.

Now, turn on that webcam, and show the lucky person on the other end what you're made of.  Just don't let your dad see it.