Guy Live-Streams Sex With GF On Facebook And Drunkenly Tags Her Dad

by Eleanor Harmsworth

This is literally every girl's worst nightmare. And TBH, it's probably every dad's worst nightmare, too.

A guy live-streamed himself having sex with his girlfriend... but tagged HER DAD.

If live-streaming yourself on Facebook while boning butt naked around your house seems crazy, then the idea to tag a parent in the clip is bordering on clinically insane. To make things 10 times worse, the star-crossed lovers were at it in the family vacation home, even after they had been told not to use it.


And if the video is anything to go by, they were VERY MUCH using it.


They did it in practically EVERY room, and in ways that we are definitely not licensed to document.

Not only that, but they also always displayed the same expressionless, intent eye contact that adds a side of creepy to what is already a deeply traumatizing viewer experience.

And we're not even the girl's dad.

I'm going to take a guess that her dad was not expecting this when a notification from his young daughter's boyfriend popped up on his phone. If he didn't like the BF before, he is going to absolutely DESPISE him now.

Luckily for the dad, the stream was removed from Facebook. But unluckily for the BF, nothing can ever be removed from the internet.