8 Answers To The Pressing Questions You Will Ask Yourself Before You Have Period Sex

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Picture this. You're with your partner and things are really starting to heat up. You want it. They want it. But here's the problem, it's shark week in your pants. Surely all sexuality must halt immediately, right? There's no chance they would be OK with it, even if you kinda, sorta, totally want to. But what if it's, like, really hot? And you start to wonder, "Is it finally time to ditch that taboo?" Should you have sex on your period?

Whats holding you back? Is it because it's so "gross?" If you are feeling squeamish about period sex, I don't blame you. We've been trained to feel shame about menstruation from first moment we saw a disembodied hand pour blue liquid into a winged pad on TV. But here's the thing: All that shame and stigma (stigmata?) is total garbage. And one of the best ways to let go of that is, believe it or not, by embracing a three-way with Aunt Flo. Hell, it even has a theme song now thanks to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. (Did I just get that song stuck in your head, too? Sorry!)

If you're riding the crimson wave but wish you were riding something else, here are some questions to ask yourself.

1. Is It Safe To Have Sex On My Period?

No, haven't you heard? During your period, your vagina spits acid and if it senses a penis nearby, your uterus may wander right out after it!

But seriously, of course it's safe. In fact, there are even health benefits to having sex during your special lady time. So, if the mood strikes you and your partner, have at that period sex!

2. Is It Weird That I Really Want To?

Not at all! It's actually totally common to be more aroused during your period because your pelvic area and genitals are swollen, which makes them more sensitive. The end result is that you're more likely to wanna get freaky when you're leaky.

3. Should I Be Embarrassed If It Gets Messy?

Girl, it's gonna get messy, but no, you shouldn't be embarrassed. Your period is a totally natural process and you are only ashamed of it because of outside pressure to feel that way. The truth is that your partner is probably a lot less weirded out about it than TV, movies, the internet, etc. all have lead you to believe. Studies show that about 30 percent of couples want to have more period sex.

4. Should I Be Worried That He Will Get Grossed Out?

Is he worried you're grossed out when he ejaculates? Nope. I think you know where I'm going with this.

5. Is There A Way To Make It Less Messy?

If you are concerned about keeping it tidy, you do have some options. For one thing, you always want to lay down a towel first; it just makes the clean up easy later. But also, you can wear a menstrual cup or female condom to decrease or prevent bleeding during sex.

Also, sex positions can make a big difference. Missionary is probably your best bet because... gravity. Or you can also just opt for some good ol' shower sex. But honestly, don't overthink it. You'd be surprised how much you both DGAF when it really comes down to it.

6. Will It Make My Cramps Worse?

Still on the fence about period sex? Consider this: Orgasms are natural pain relievers! Yes, having sex during your period may actually make your period better. In fact, the contractions caused by orgasm can shorten your period by helping to please the lining faster. And you thought orgasms couldn't get any better!

7. Do I Still Need To Use A Condom?

Yes, yes, yes. The answer is always yes. You may think that because you are on your period you don't need to worry about birth control. But no, you can still get pregnant on your period. Some women's ovulation overlaps with menstruation, and sperm can live in the uterus for up to five days, so it's possible to ovulate during that time. Also, STDs do not take your period off, so you need to safeguard your and your partner's health by taking the same precautions you would at any other time of the month. Wrap. It. Up.

8. Will I Need Lube?

Just kidding. Obviously not.

You've asked the questions, and I think you know the answer: Yes! to period sex.