Seth Rogen's Mom Tweeted About Sex And Yoga, Proves Parents Shouldn't Have Twitter

by Candice Jalili
Getty Images

I LOVE embarrassing moms.

To be clear, by that I mean, I love moms who are embarrassing to their children, NOT that I love to embarrass poor, innocent moms.

It's one of the most beautiful parts of life, as far as I'm concerned. No matter how cool a kid is, or how famous they are, there's still a mom out there who made them. And odds are, that mom is pretty freaking embarrassing.

In the old days, humans were blessed in that they could more or less keep their mothers' embarrassing antics a secret. But, unfortunately, the age of social media no longer affords us that luxury.

Every embarrassing mom now has access to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. No child is safe — not even celebrities like Seth Rogen.

Sandy Rogen, Seth Rogen's mom, is the quintessential embarrassing mom. And luckily for all of us (but not so luckily for Seth), she's ALL OVER social media.

Sandy usually posts pretty standard mom stuff like this:

Or even this classic grandma quote:

Or this proud mom moment:

Or this classic mom question:

But yesterday, she cranked things up a notch and posted this steamy tweet:

Needless to say, Seth was not pleased:

Neither was Seth's sister, Danya Rogen:

Despite her kids hating on her tweet, Sandy had some supporters on the internet:

This guy even congratulated her with a hilarious pun:

Some people were a little concerned for their favorite funny actor after having seen the tweet:

But then, there were others there to give the actor some much needed perspective:

Basically, parents shouldn't be on Twitter. They're embarrassing. But I mean, if it's not your parents, who cares, amiright? Sucks to suck, Seth!

All right, now, everybody has two tasks.

First, we all must follow Sandy Rogen on Twitter. Then, it would probably be a good move to follow Seth and Danya as well to see their reactions to more of their mom's embarrassing tweets.

Once you've done parts one and two, it's time to head to your local church, temple, mosque, synagogue, or wherever else you might worship to pray for Seth and Danya, and hope that they find a way to burn the image of their mom having sex out of their heads completely.

Got it? Good.