4 Reasons High Sex Will Always Be Better Than Sober Sex

by Brittany Berke
Oleg Zharsky

If you don't like or approve of weed at all, this article isn't for you. If you do like and approve of weed, by all means, stick around.

I'm not going to get into every single benefit of weed. Its medicinal benefits have already been highlighted enough.

Instead, let's talk about high sex.

Sex is good. No, sex is great. OK, sex is AWESOME. But you know what could make it, like, 10 times better? Smoking beforehand.

Let's get one thing straight: I'm not trying to entice anyone to become addicted to anything, but drunk sex is a thing. And it's not always a fun thing, at that.

Smoking before sex with your partner is A MILLION times better than consuming alcohol. There's pretty much no point to having sex sober once you've tried weed before you get down and dirty.

High sex trumps any other kind of sex ANY day of the week. So, I'll assume you're thanking me for suggesting a much healthier and beneficial option for your under-the-influence sexcapades.

With that said, you're welcome, and here's why I totally prefer having high sex over sober, drunk or any other kind of sex:

1. Weed makes having an orgasm much easier.

It's a known fact that 1 in 3 women have trouble achieving orgasms during sex.

If this applies to you, don't you worry, darling! You're old friend, Mary Jane, is here to save the day.

Weed has the power to enhance your physical stimulation and give you the ultimate body high. If you find it difficult to get off with your partner, take a few hits and I swear, you'll be hitting levels you never thought possible.

2. Your orgasms are more intense.

As we have already established, your orgasms are achieved much easier when you're high. Now, are you ready for the fun part

During high sex, your orgasms are bound to be earth-shattering. They will literally blow your mind.

In my experience, orgasms when I'm high last a minute longer than when having sex sober. This makes it, like, 10 minutes longer in drunk-sex land.

3. It increases your sexual stamina.

Now that we know weed enhances your orgasms, we know that it increases your stamina. Drinking only increases your fatigue as opposed to weed, which increases your physical desire.

Unlike messy, gross alcohol that gives you whiskey dick, weed actually enhances your drive as opposed to shutting your body down.

Even if you didn't consume anything, sober sex still isn't as fun. Why pretend your orgasms are intense when you have the opportunity to experience the real thing?

You might as well clear your schedule for the day because once you start having high sex, you won't be able to get enough.

4. It brings you and your partner closer together.

Speaking of playing pretend, lots of couples pretend to get off with each other. Whether it's one partner or both, pretending to orgasm when you're not even close is really stupid, yet entirely common.

Yes, we've noted weed helps you achieve orgasm faster and more intensely. However, I think at least part of the reason these are valid facts is because weed clears your mind, man!

Have you ever met anyone while they were high who wasn't the happiest person ever? This is because their bodies let go of any and every stress, and they're actually living in the moment.

Weed will give you the opportunity to communicate better during sex, and speak out about what you like and what you don't like (in case you were afraid to speak up before).

It's the love drug that will leave you lovin' on each other all night long. OK, that was lame. But you catch my drift.

So, if tonight's the night for you and that special someone, do it right. Smoke some ganja.