How To Regain Control Of Your Sex Life

by Angelo Gage

Yeah, Yeah, we have heard it all before, from your boys to some new age Lil' Kim-minded women telling you that "pussy is power," - a cute motto for these power-puff girls but the truth is real men don't buy this load of crap, so allow me to explain why.

Woman are programmed to align with powerful men. They are genetically hard-wired to find and mate with the alpha male of any social group to ensure the survival of their off-spring. This is a deeply seeded attribute developed through thousands of years of evolution and there is no way to avoid this natural attraction to alpha males. What is an alpha male?

Odds are, if you don't' know what one is, then most likely you are not one. An alpha male is the most dominate male in a group of males: a leader, trendsetter, provider, protector, the one whom other men follow and strive to be like. The rest of the men in the group who are not alpha are called beta males.

They are his entourage because the alpha male has access to the resources they need for survival, and in this case for the sake of this article that would be "pussy." I am referring to pussy as a means of survival because if you do not spread your seed your legacy dies with you, thus the failure to mate and pass on your genes would eradicate any trace of you from this Earth.

Sometimes an alpha male is a like a lone wolf who decides to do his own thing, having no pack yet still living in his own world, not having a problem getting what he needs. You don't have to be the center of attention or be Mr. Popular to be an alpha male. An alpha male is a man who values himself and doesn't allow anyone else to decide what his value as a person is because he knows it's something only his own mind can determine.

It is with this mindset that an alpha male can find a woman at any venue even despite the lack of evidence to prove his value as a person.  This is because value of the alpha male caliber flows through the individual's subtle yet effective body language, which is picked up by women through their intuition. She will be drawn to him without even understanding why she is interested and yet all he has to do is approach her and she will soon understand the reason for the attraction.

When you go out to socialize at clubs or bars, you will always see alpha males on the prowl, doing what they do. They are the guys who have a billion girlfriends to talk to, some of which they have slept with, the group containing the alpha male becomes the life of the party. The reason you as a man are drawn to him is because he has the power to introduce you to his women.

Even though he is surrounded by girls, the alpha male has never put the "pussy" on a pedestal in order to have so many females in his life. It was in fact, the complete opposite perspective that brought them such a bountiful bevvy of beautiful women.

As I said above, alpha males are men who do not put "pussy on the pedestal", nor are they the type of men who spend their lives running around chasing women using childish, immature methods to obtain them. This doesn't mean they are jerk-offs who have no chivalry or treat women like shit, it simply means they don't let women run their lives nor let them interfere with their personal goals or agendas. These alpha males are the men who do not allow their daily lives and aspirations to be overpowered by the desire to get laid.

Alpha men don't have time for this bullshit because that's what the act of putting "pussy" on a pedestal is, BULLSHIT. It is a woman's natural desire to see if she can dominate you, and once she does, she loses respect for you. Women want to be lead, protected, nourished, and also reminded they are women.

If a man makes women what his whole life is about, he loses focus and figuratively become a bitch himself, and women want men, not bitches. An alpha male gives a woman what she needs and not what she thinks she wants, because half of the time, the phony movie-fed fantasies and emotional bullshit she comes up with drive even her own girlfriends' insane.

An alpha male understands that his needs come first, because without them being met, how can he contribute to anyone or anything positively? If he is distracted by some needy female counterpart, how can he focus on his goal at hand, contribute to society, or take care of his loved ones?  Therefore he focuses on himself, his goals, and what needs to be done so he can ensure stability in his future should he decide to one day select a mate and have a family.

Funny enough, this disregard for women's attention is actually attractive to women. When an alpha male walks into room, he walks in as if he owns it, yet he remains humble. He has nothing to prove to anyone, he doesn't care what anyone thinks, and he is completely comfortable in his own skin. Women are naturally more intuitive than men, so any guys faking to be alpha males will be exposed in their act.

Thousands of years of intuition has taught women how to seek alpha males within groups of men. This is why most beta men use lying as a technique to trick women into mating with them. It is an evolved tactic for betas to get their piece of the pie because they are NOT alpha, so they pose as one. Those sneaky bastards! This is why you will find that most women in their younger years will fall victim to this bullshit and later learn the difference between a real alpha male and a fake one the hard way.

Now that you understand what an alpha male is, it is easy to see how this "pussy is power" saying is one that was devised by beta males who have their priorities messed up therefore struggle to get laid. It is also the perfect weapon of manipulation for women to control beta males into doing what they want, like making them buy dumb shit they now think they need to impress women. All sorts of different industries BANK on the sexual frustration of beta males across the world!

By believing that "pussy is power," you are susceptible to falling victim to the typical marketing ploys aimed to falsely increase beta males' chances of getting pussy. Thinking a certain car, VIP table, brand of clothing, amount of money, or what job status you have is going to get you laid is a very silly mindset.

You could, however possibly get laid by beta females this way. These are women you wouldn't want to date in the first place who just jump from resourceful man to another, just like the aliens from the movie Independence Day who go from planet to planet until they suck them dry and are left destroyed. Good job, you just spent 100k on a car you can't afford to help you bang a girl you don't like just so you can look like an alpha male when in reality, you are not.

Who do you think women spend hours in the bathroom getting ready for? They want to look their best just in case they run into someone worth their time. Now, if you're spending as much time in the bathroom as a women do, you are not an alpha male.

Remember, you may act as if you are one, even claim you don't care about women, but if you are acting like a woman in your preparation to do so, then you are a simply a beta male in denial. Women can see through your bullshit and so can other alpha males. If you are trying to impress anyone, let alone women, then you are not an alpha male, end of story.

So, now that you understand that alpha men have all the power, you can stop believing all the propaganda that is making your sex life way more frustrating that it has to be and making you a slave to pussy in turn. Pussy will come to those who have power yet pussy is not nor will it ever be a source of power in itself.

Pussy is only power to those who bestow power upon it, and those men who do are beta males who have no true power at all. Be a real man, be true to yourself, and see how women will begin to perceive you differently. When you experience this first hand, not only will you realize the truth in my words but you will also finally be able to join the ranks of the small number of alpha males across the world.

Till next time,

Angelo John Gage | Elite.

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