New Study Revealed That Casual Sex Is Linked with Anxiety

According to Total Frat Move, who probably just made the biggest mistake of their lives, a new study found that casual sex is correlated with anxiety (good luck getting it in now.)

The study was taken on a large scale, surveying students from 30 different schools (big and small), so we know this isn’t bullsh*t. Before the students were asked how many of them engaged in casual sex, it had to be defined.

They decided that “casual sex” meant having sex with someone you’ve know for less than a week. I’m sure this eliminated approximately half of the statistic because at most schools, everyone knows each other in their respective social circles and passes friends around like it’s a game of hot potato.

Anyway, that’s beside the point. The study determined that 18.6% of men had casual sex in the prior 30 days, and only 7.4% of women. Men must try really hard (no pun intended) to have sex more than twice the amount that women do because we all know its easier for women to have sex than for men. Job well done, boys.

The subjects were then assessed psychology based on self-esteem, life satisfaction, psychological well-being, eudaimonic well-being (“having found yourself”) and also on levels of anxiety. The results showed that the sluttier students had consistently higher levels of anxiety, depression and lower self-esteem.

That isn’t even the shocking part though: there was no difference based on gender. That’s right, men who had sex a lot were depressed, too! Next time you’re having casual sex, maybe you both should just let it out…and cry.

Via: Total Frat Move, Photo Courtesy: Tumblr