How To Have Mind-Blowing Sex Every Time, According To A Musician

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Think of a woman's body as a musical instrument.

Like an instrument has keys, a woman has points. Instead of a sound, each point expresses a feeling or emotion. These expressions cause a chemical reaction in her body like an instrument reacts to pressure. Her reactions are your guide to her pleasure.

To a woman, sex is an incredibly telling experience. Your approach to having sex with her will influence how she sees you in the relationship. Sex with you will teach her more about you than you can imagine.

When she's ready to have sex with you, there are many different ways to approach it.

If you throw her on the bed and take control, she may see you as dominant. If you ask her every five minutes if she's OK or enjoying herself, she may see you as insecure. If you go gentle and slow, she may see you as sensual, passionate and attentive. If you go fast and rough, she may think you know what you want and go for it.

You have to pay attention and learn her reactions — they will tell you what she likes before you even ask. Try a combination of sensual and aggressive, and pay attention to how she responds to each approach. Watch her reactions change, and learn from it.

A lot of men don't bother to do this, so she will appreciate it. Every man wants to be the best she's ever had, and to do that, you have to know exactly what she wants. If you take the time to do that, you'll go a long way.

Mind-blowing sex doesn't have to be something that starts and ends in the moment. Truly mind-blowing sex can be an experience that lasts all day. It takes time and preparation. It's a slow build that creeps up to an explosion so beautiful, it leaves you both completely satisfied and spent in the end.

It all starts with a compliment. And by making her feel beautiful from the moment she wakes up.

The moment you see her in the morning, look right into her eyes and say something like, “God, you're beautiful.” Use whatever word or phrase you know will make her really feel it. If you're not together, text her saying something like that before she wakes up. Or call her, if that's what she likes.

Don't say it like a weirdo creep, or in a lackadaisical “oh yeah, by the way” sort of tone. Say it so she knows the thought of her in that moment just took your breath away.

Now, keep this up all day.

Text her throughout the day and seduce her. Do it appropriately or inappropriately, whatever fits your relationship. If she isn't into sexting or it's too early in the relationship, don't do it. Just be sweet, light-hearted and charming. If she does enjoy that, then by all means, the floor is yours. Make it count.

Once you've done your prep work and the moment has arrived, be attentive.

If she likes scents, have the room smelling good when she walks in. Invite a soothing comfort into the room, so she feels relaxed. If she's nervous or insecure, make her feel at ease. As you lay beside her, spoon her.

Bend your fingers like you're playing a piano, and run them up and down her body. Use the lightest touch to send shock waves through her body. If you feel goosebumps, you are doing a good job. Pay attention to how she responds to the different parts of her body you touch.

Take your time. This is a marathon, not a race.

Continue to do this for a while, just taking her in. Really connect yourself to her. Use all of your senses, and allow yourself to get lost in her and the moment. Breathe in her scent and let it intoxicate you. Taste her with gentle kisses, and embrace the softness of her skin. Think of her body as your canvas and your fingers as the paint brush. In fluid motion, paint the most beautiful picture on her body that you can imagine.

Reach up and gently kiss her neck and softly breathe on her skin. The neck is a very sensitive area, and there are many points of pleasure you can hit all at once. The mixture of your touch, kisses and breath on her neck are like instruments in a band playing her favorite song. If you're doing it right, she will get really turned on.

Now, slowly start to kiss other parts of her body, as you still trace her skin with your fingertips. If you notice her reacting more to a certain area, linger there for a moment, but no so long you lose rhythm. If you notice an area where she's not reacting at all, continue to pass over it.

Don't rush it. Take it slow, pay attention, and learn. She will let you know when it's time to get down to business. Pay attention to that too. It's important to know how much foreplay she wants.

This is only the beginning of the experience, but the most important part of learning about her body. Where you go from here is up to you, but you should know enough at this point to be able to determine the next move. Just continue to pay attention.

Don't get caught up trying to ram it in... you must not stop focusing on her.

Remember it's a lot harder sometimes for her to climax than it is for you. Appreciate that, and respect it. Make sure you do everything you can to get her there, and she'll make sure she takes care of you too. It's a two-way street.

To be able to hit all of her keys and make the most beautiful music with her, you must first master the incredibly sensual instrument she is. As it is when you learn any instrument, you need to commit, be patient and work at it.

The accomplishment you'll feel when you've pleased her will make it all worthwhile.

No musician ever wrote an amazing song without first mastering his instrument. The key to mind-blowing sex is mastering hers. When it comes to having sex, men are easy, but woman are complex and emotional.

The more effort you put in and the more you learn, the better you'll be.

Give her mind-blowing sex, and she will never forget you. Women don't get to experience it very often. Enjoy.