What To Say After Sex To Let Your Guy Know It Was Great


Sex is awesome. Like, the actual "having sex" part is totally great. I love it — can't get enough of it.

The immediate moments after though? Those can be kind of tricky. Like, how do you know what to say after sex? Or, even what to do?

Personally, I always commit to a high five and take a shower, but WHO AM I? A SEXPERT?

The truth is, it's easy to feel anxious or embarrassed when you're just lying there after having smashed your body parts together with someone else's. So, it's always helpful to have a few go-to phrases to say when the deed is done — and done very well indeed.

Here, the men of Reddit run down their wishlist of phrases that they'd love to hear after a great sex session, which, conveniently, can all be broken down into three S's:

Say Something SIMPLE:

Post-sex is probably not the time to try out that big relationship speech you've been working on or bring up the fact that you think his room could really benefit from some feng shui.

Instead, just stick to the basics. Like...

Say Something SEXY:

AND keep it complimentary. A trending theme among men seems to be that they love to be reassured (in the most sexual ways possible) that they totally rocked your world more than anyone else has before.

Case in point...

Say Something SWEET:

Everyone needs a little TLC now and then. If you're in a relationship, or you feel comfortable showing a little emotion with your hookup buddy, go right ahead.

Guys love some sentimental cheese just as much as anyone...

When In Doubt:

You can always quote your favorite movie and hope he catches the reference. For instance, this quote from Fight Club seems to be men's favorite:

Or, you can steal a quote from a kid-friendly movie (hint: It's "Babe").

That WILL do, thank you very much.

Now, high five for the great sex!