6 Feelings That Come With Having 'Love Sex' For The First Time In Your Life

by Kayla Brock

For many, confirming the fact that you are falling in love with someone is a done deal when sex is initiated for the first time.

Sex when you are in love is natural, there is no pressure. No one makes the initial decision to either make love or mindlessly have sex.

That's the magic of the language of love. The two of you begin love making as soon as the act is initiated.

Tantalizing thoughts instantly flood the mind when passionate, amorous sex is initiated between two people wrapped up in love.

The bedroom comes alive, the silent language of love prevails, appreciation is received and gratitude is given. A total body experience of enlightenment is achieved as two bodies come together as one.

What floods your mind as you experience the ultimate human connection? I'm glad you asked:

1. The spark.

Your bodies become alive. The two ingredients of your individual bodies are clashing together to create an unpredictable, yet impressive reaction.

This reaction is the chemistry of love. Signs of this emotional explosion are heavy breathing, occasional lightheadedness and an enamored mindset.

2. Silence that speaks a magnitude of languages.

Communication is key in lovemaking, but when two bodies are intertwined as one, the subtle squeak of the bed, the deepness of your breath and the sound of your heartbeat is the only thing that is heard.

That's because it's the only thing that needs to be heard.

Communication is achieved through eye contact and the curling of your body.

3. Appreciation.

Your body is a wonderland, and by allowing your soulmate to navigate it should swathe your mind with the upmost gratitude and appreciation.

You are the light in this person's world, and when the two of you are intimate, your bodies create an explosion of astonishment that cannot be recreated elsewhere. Not even in a chemistry lab.

4. The desire to do more than satisfy.

Each participant has their own needs that they hope to satisfy while actually engaging in intercourse.

The level of satisfaction you receive from finally being with a partner who understands the depths and curves of your mind and soul so well will result in more than a physical orgasm.

5. A mental "Ah-ha" moment.

You know what you're doing is right. You're confirming to yourself that you are emotionally linked to the right person for you.

Love sex is different from sex in general, due to the fact that there are no questions to be asked. There are no regrets to be made, and no shame to be felt.

Love sex is different from sex in general, due to the fact that there are no questions to be asked.

6. Embarrassment and shame are diminished to nothing.

There is nothing that will be thought of as “disgusting” because, let's be real, as beautiful as it may be, the human body is capable of creating some distinctive noises, smells and sights.

While making love with your partner, nothing is off limits. And most importantly, nothing is thought of as unrefined.

Lovemaking and having sex have two different definitions on the intimacy scale. Integration of the two together will create the most successful long-term relationship you've ever had.

Lovemaking doesn't always have to be soft and tender; having sex doesn't always have to be bent over, hard and rough.

Knowing the difference between the two, and fully understanding the thoughts you may be having while making love for the first time, is an important comprehension to have in your personal love life.

Making love is one of the most beautiful gifts our bodies were equipped with the power to do.

So do so with the utmost gratitude and passion for yourself, as well as your lover.