Men Reveal What They Really Think About Your Bush And You'll Be Surprised

OK, to start things off, you're a fully independent woman, and it is your RIGHT to trim your pubes however you so please. Duh.

But if you've been growing it out, and you're just casually wondering what your next one-night stand might think about it, here are some male opinions to take into consideration.

I asked men on Reddit how they would ideally like women to maintain their bushes, and honestly, their answers might surprise you.

From completely bare to just sort of bare to FULL-ON BUSH, their preferences were pretty all over the place. Read along and see for yourself:

These guys literally DGAF.

These guys want it completely bare.

These guys like the bush.

But MOST guys like a little something there.

AGAIN, it is still your RIGHT to do whatever the eff you want with your pubes.

But, you know, if you were just looking for a little male input, now you have it!