Men Reveal The Most Work They've Ever Done To Get Laid

What's the craziest thing you've ever done to get laid?

I'm gonna be honest here: I'm pretty lazy, so I probably would not stray too far from my comfort zone for anything, even the sweetest love making.

Outside of movies and sultry R&B songs, I didn't think people actually went to crazy lengths just to get laid. But it turns out, according to these guys' responses to a recent Reddit thread, I was very wrong.

I mean, would you wait in the snow for three hours, get on a bus or travel for God-knows-how-long, all for the mere possibility of getting laid?

Well, maybe you wouldn't, but this guy would:

And that's not even the craziest thing guys have done.

From taking up a new drug to driving for two days straight, see how ridiculously far these men will go just to have sex:

This guy just stays married:

This guy maintains text conversations, even though he hates texting:

This guy thinks of good Tinder openers:

This guy drove for two days straight:

This guy took up a new drug:

This guy got severe frostbite:

This guy flew halfway across the country:


This guy stayed in a relationship for a year:

@ThereIsAThingForThat's (ex?) girlfriend is ONE lucky lady, am I right?!