Love Is...

Life can be empty and meaningless if a conscious effort is not put forth to become more present with Love. Love is the motive for life — the life that exists for you now.

So if you’re going to live, do so without avoiding the unavoidable.  Despite your views (good, bad or indifferent) one thing for sure: love is the oxygen that breathes life into your Spirit giving motion to your body. The omnipotence of love cannot be escaped.

Love is before & after: This for some is easily interpreted. For others it can be difficult to grasp. Somehow, love remains. The origin of love far precedes the DNA of man and will continue to exist beyond his expiration.Think about the love for a child in the womb from a mother or for a lost loved-one long after their departure.

How can this love exist absent of the body? One might say that love is greater than what we see. It can be an actual experience that is part of us involuntarily.The body of life is finite but the Spirit of love that produces life is infinite.This conflict and crossing creates confrontation and cancels out the truth of love and how it operates within us.

"There is no beginning or end to love as we know it, thus we have no conclusive comprehension of its abundant depth."  - Jamel Davenport

Love is an atmosphere that requires nothing, being that it is all encompassing. Love has no prerequisite, and as a system, love operates solely and collectively; creating a space for you to co-exist.This system is more reliable than people who attempt to control it. Imagine the love the Sun has for the Earth and the Earth for the Moon and Moon for the Stars.

They all depend on each other’s love in the form of light and without this love, the world as we know it would be a dark space. I am most comfortable knowing that it is Love that causes the Sun to rise daily and not the sovereign politics of man (aka NASA).

"Sow a good seed in others and watch it grow in yourself. "  - Poarts

Love is nature. Love is rooted deeply in the soils of our inner beings, beyond what the naked eye can see. Seeds for the soul have been planted. They have been watered and are sprouting, waiting for their full manifestation and time of harvest. The garden of love is a lot like any other.

There will be forbidden fruits, weeds, thorns and perhaps at times, a famine. Nevertheless, nature will always organically provide what man can never synthetically produce, despite his best efforts. Bite into this belief. Swallow this belief: love is in everything and everything is in love. Gain nourishment and release the toxic waste that is holding you back from a more vibrant life.

A mother’s milk has more nutrients than any other food source on this planet and CANNOT be duplicated by man (i.e. Imitation Milk). “If man makes it don't eat it …. Let life feed you the love that you need.”

"Draw upon your own reservoir of life rather than draining your neighbors."  - Poarts

Love is fluid, like a river. It wants the pleasures of life to flow through you. Pain is the levy that holds the overflow until it reaches breaking point. Consequently, we learn to believe that without this wall of pain, our worlds would be flooded and soon to be submerged in our own fears.

Life without pain is dry. So it is not the overflow that is devastating but the underflow — the lack or not giving into your fear of love, releasing the pain and experiencing the pleasures of life. Every man thirsts for this. Some remain dehydrated and others fight to be quenched.

"Pain is inevitable yet those who suffer do so by choice and the choice is always theirs to make." - Poarts

Love is a one-way street, designed only for forward progression. When giving love, understand there is no opposing traffic, only a continuous flow that constantly gives way.

However, when traveling down this path, there can still be gridlock, break downs and possibility of a crash. No one is exempt from pain! “Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.”  Pain brings awareness of love and gives measure to the amount of love present.

We base our choices in life on the concepts of pain and pleasure. Obviously, no one wants to experience pain, so we avoid it to stay in a state of pleasure. For instance, if you are in a painful state, it may be the result of a choice to live with the pain that you know rather than face the pain of the unknown on the path to pleasure. Pain reveals the presence of love and its value. T

he people who build on this foundation (love), will forever have an indestructible base. Those who build on a weak foundation stand to fall in the quicksands of life, finding it almost impossible and quite painful to rebuild. The foundation of love is solid although life will have its moments.

"We are the only life form who find it difficult to choose love for one another and more importantly for ourselves"

Jamel Davenport | Elite.