We Talked With Lil Dicky About All Things Safe Sex


Every person who regularly hooks up with men in this day and age has come across one of those guys who "can't get hard with a condom on." Or maybe he just "hates condoms."

Whatever the case, he's being a little bitch about using a condom, and you're stuck deciding whether or not you want to get laid tonight and risk getting an STD, or sacrifice getting laid to avoid the possible STD.

Yesterday, something wonderful happened for me and for humanity as a whole: I got to interview my favorite rapper of all time (and the new face of Trojan condoms), Lil Dicky, about all things safe sex related. And as far as the whole not-using-a-condom-with-a-random-hookup thing goes, he doesn't get it.

"I don't ever understand how people can be so laid back about this type of stuff," he says.  "If you're a logical being everywhere else in life, why would you abandon your logic in the bedroom?"

As part of Lil D's new campaign for Trojan, he's launched a "Pillow Talk" video series. In every short episode, Lil Dicky chats with a new person on his bed about safe sex, and he urges them to use Trojan condoms. (He is the face of the brand, after all.)

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Scroll below to read his answers to any and all of our most pressing questions, along with more episodes from the new series.

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Couldn't have said it better myself.