Weatherman Hilariously Mixes Up "Swinging" With Swapping Sex Partners On Camera — WATCH

by Candice Jalili

Extremely awkward situations are already awesome enough when we get to watch them happen in real life.

They're about 25 times greater when they get captured on camera and then posted on the internet for the whole world to see over and over again, until it stops being funny (AKA never).

GlobalNews Weatherman Jordan Witzel, of Calgary, Canada, had a pretty hilarious mix-up on TV when he confused "swinging" (like what you did at the playground when you were a kid) for the other kind of "swinging" (like what your hippie great aunt Joyce and her "special friend" Phil probably did in the '60s).

It all happened when he was announcing Canada's "ParticiPACTION 150 Play List" of the day. Unlike your newest Spotify mix, the "Play List" is a list of physical activities Canadians are encouraged to try.

Witzel read "swinging" on the monitor and looked very confused, as his co-workers, news anchors Scott Fee and Amber Schinkel, literally lost it. See for yourself in the video below:

In case you couldn't watch the video for yourself right now, first of all, I seriously encourage you to carve out a minute and 17 seconds to really watch it later.

But, in the meantime, I'll give you a little recap.

The video starts off with some pretty awkward tension on Witzel's part. He laughs to himself as he reads what he's supposed to say: "Your ParticiPACTION... I can't do that... what?! Your ParticiPACTION activity of the day is swinging?"

The news anchors are dying of laughter and savagely not correcting him as he continues to go on some painfully nervous rant about how swinging was definitely a thing back in the day.

Then, it dawns on him: "Oh! Swinging! On a playground!"

He jokingly tried to justify his misunderstanding, saying, "Either way, you get your activity for the day, I guess." And Fee eventually chimed in: "Good cardio."

At this point, everyone, including, Witzel starts LOLing because, duh, this is freaking hilarious.

Witzel thought it was so funny, he even posted the painful video on Twitter for the world to see:

Honestly, there's a lesson to be learned here.

People take themselves so SERIOUSLY sometimes. You'd be amazed what can happen when you master the fine art of rolling with the punches and, most importantly, laughing at yourself.