Guys Finally Reveal If Having Sex Too Soon Affects Your Girlfriend Potential

by Candice Jalili

OK, so your ~magical~ first date is about to come to a close, and you're low-key freaking out about what your next move is here.

On one hand, you really like him, the sexual tension is palpable and you just want to jump his bones right here, right now.

On the other hand, you really like him, so you don't want to risk having sex too soon and, as a result, him thinking you're not girlfriend material!

But is that even really a thing? Do guys actually care if you have sex too soon?

Guys revealed how they really feel about the matter in a recent Reddit thread, and I've got their best responses here for you:

It depends on how good you are in bed.

Forget girlfriend material. You could be WIFE material.

As long as you wait past the 15-minute mark, you're gucci.

The sooner the better!

There's no such thing as "too soon" to this guy.

Doing it sooner will only solidify you as girlfriend material.

Be careful; you might make him "sceptical."

He either wants a relationship with you or he doesn't.

Again, the sooner the better!

If he's judging you, he's a big, fat HYPOCRITE.

AGAIN, the sooner the better.

At the end of the day, this is what it really comes down to:

All I'm really getting from all of this is, if you want to have sex with him, just do it.