Guys, If You Want To Get Laid On Halloween, Dress Like Captain America

by Sheena Sharma

If you've been suffering from a dry spell, this Halloween is your chance to break it. You just have to dress the part.

According to an analysis by Pornhub Insights, dudes should dress up as Captain America this year if they want to find a girl to take home for the night.

Oh, and don't worry, ladies. I didn't forget about you. If you want to get yours this Halloween, you should be dressing up as Batgirl. (Tight, black leather is timeless and sexy AF!)

Guys should dress up as Captain America, and girls should dress up as Batgirl.

The findings were based off of Pornhub's most popular user searches.

Users are generally into costume fantasies, but around this time the of year, users tend to search for porn with actors who are dressed up in these particular costumes:


As you can see, women are 116 percent more likely to be interested in searching for a Captain America. But if Captain America isn't your style, you can also grab a lady's attention by dressing as Spiderman, a vampire or even a clown, despite all the recent weird clown shit happening around the world.

Men, on the other hand, are 170 percent more likely to search for Batgirl. But if Batgirl is too played-out for you, you can also increase your chances of scoring in the sack if you dress as a black widow, cat or witch.

OK, I know "cat" and "witch" aren't exactly the most innovative costumes. But they are classics, and these are pretty big percentages we're talking about here. So, they are NOT to be taken lightly if you're really serious about getting some action between the sheets this weekend.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to let your freak flag fly on Halloween with any of these costumes.