Guys Reveal Their Hilarious Thoughts During Sex: 'I Devolve Back Into A Caveman'

by Sheena Sharma

I always wonder what a guy is thinking when I'm having sex with him. Unless I know him really well or unless he's my boyfriend, chances are he isn't telling me exactly what he's thinking while we're in the heat of the moment.

You might be able to gather what a guy is thinking based on some of the noises he's making (I'm sure he's having a damn good time), but looks — and noises — can be deceiving. Sometimes, I think guys can be even more difficult to read than girls.

And especially when it comes to sex, I think we ladies all want to know if he's really in the moment or if his head is elsewhere.

Here are 10 guys on the random AF thoughts they have during sex:

This guy might or might not picture Jesus in the room:

Catholic guilt.

— narfasopalofagus

This guy is just in it all the way:

Very primal and physically related thoughts. "Her ass looks fucking amazing, I'm gonna smack it." "I love sucking her tits." "Her pussy smells great." - the problem is these thoughts/visuals cause me to spill my seed too early sometimes. I can only look at her bouncing in reverse cowgirl for so long before I have to look away or close my eyes because I'll blow my load. I wish I could think of other things like some men do, but at the same time I feel like that would take away from the experience. I don't want to fuck a girl and think about algebra.


This guy thinks about his homework:

"I really need to get started on that paper."

— lllll-lllll-lllll

This guy is just too turned on:

Me repeating to myself in my head: "Don't you dare cum yet! You worked this hard to get to this position, so you better not blow it!"

— stormwillpass

This guy thinks about sports:


— Imissyourgirlfriend2

Literally "nothing":

Nothing. I devolve back into a caveman.

— KrispyTWW

This guy thinks, uh, several things:

-this still feels pretty good after two kids. -man im thirsty. -im gonna sleep good after this. -what if i just cum on her face by accident? -sheets are sweaty.

— Jmpaul

I'm assuming this guy isn't into using condoms:

Dont cum, don't cum, don't cum, PULL OUT, PULL OUT, PULL OUT!

— holic_2

"Did she just cum?":

My thoughts are, does she like that, what is on tonight, oh yeah I'm having sex concentrate! her ass looks great, that hurts, ah ah a charlie horse, that feels awesome, damn did she just cum, must hurry up to orgasam, what did my friend say about that movie I want to watch, oh crap I forgot to turn off the kitchen light, what time is it? and I came, what nexts?

— waywas

And this guy is just grateful to be doing the dirty (as he should be):

I'm thinking how thankful I am to be having actual sex with a woman and not having to jerk off.

— seahawks299

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