Guys Reveal Their Hilarious Thoughts During Sex


I always wonder what a guy is thinking when I'm having sex with him. Unless I know him really well or unless he's my boyfriend, chances are he isn't telling me exactly what he's thinking while we're in the heat of the moment.

You might be able to gather what a guy is thinking based on some of the noises he's making (I'm sure he's having a damn good time), but looks — and noises — can be deceiving. Sometimes, I think guys can be even more difficult to read than girls.

And especially when it comes to sex, I think we ladies all want to know if he's really in the moment or if his head is elsewhere.

Here are 10 guys on the random AF thoughts they have during sex:

This guy might or might not picture Jesus in the room:

— narfasopalofagus

This guy is just in it all the way:


This guy thinks about his homework:

— lllll-lllll-lllll

This guy is just too turned on:

— stormwillpass

This guy thinks about sports:

— Imissyourgirlfriend2

Literally "nothing":

— KrispyTWW

This guy thinks, uh, several things:

— Jmpaul

I'm assuming this guy isn't into using condoms:

— holic_2

"Did she just cum?":

— waywas

And this guy is just grateful to be doing the dirty (as he should be):

— seahawks299

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