Guys Reveal The 7 Things They Want You To Do In The Bedroom

by Samira Behrouzan

Today, I had the honor of asking my closest guy friends what they'd like from women in bed, so I could give all you beautiful ladies some real insight instead of making shit up.

The responses I got were hilarious, but it is slightly weird and awkward now that I officially know what their fantasies and deepest sexual desires are. Regardless, I suffered for the greater good.

So, here are a few things men wish you would do more of in the bedroom:

1. Communicate and be honest.

We're not talking about traditional communication here. They don't want you to sing the ABCs or give them your latest "Game of Thrones" fan theory. Keep that kind of stuff out of the bedroom.

What they want is for you to tell them what you want. Nothing turns them on more than hearing you confidently state what you like and how you like it because it makes it easier for them to please you. They want to make you feel sexy, and giving you what you want is the best way they know how.

2. Don't be afraid to get playful.

They're men, and when you get playful, their carnal instinct kicks in, which automatically riles them up. They like it when you get a little feisty, grab them and even subtly bite them because all of these things are a major turn-on.

Don't Evander Holyfield his ear, but gentle bites can get him going and put him in the mood. Plus, it's the small, subtle things you do that drive them wild. So, don't be afraid to explore and uncover what gets him going.

3. Fluidity is everything.

Go with the flow. If he wants to move you to the left, then move to the left. If you want to go on top, get on top. If you wrestle each other down to the floor and you're in the heat of the moment, don't stop just because you're no longer on or in bed.

Be more adventurous and spontaneous because in their minds, being naked in front of you is just as nerve-wracking. Considering you've already overcome the awkward part together, the rest of it should be about having fun and letting loose. When you lose that fluidity and overthink things, it takes away from the whole experience.

4. Take more control, and don't be shy.

Ladies, I know it's convenient and amazing to be the one who lies there and does nothing, but guys like it when a woman leads. When you take the initiative and break away from the traditional missionary position, it shows them you're just as into the experience as they are.

Put in work, and help them help you get to that aha-point. While you're in control, make sure to be vocal and tell him what you want while you're in command. You're the one who holds the reins.

5. More Blowjobs ("Please")

Every single guy I asked said more BJs. I kid you not. I asked a lot of guys, and this is the one thing every single one of them had in common. So, this might be the biggest thing men want from women in bed.

For them, once isn't enough, and they would love it if women gave them one before sex and one after. If you want to make his day (and life), go overboard with the blowjobs.

6. Dress up, and don't be scared to use your imagination.

I'm not telling you to dress up as a clown and scare the living shit out of him. You also shouldn't wear a gorilla suit to bed and pretend his penis is a banana (although that's hilarious). What I'm saying is, don't be afraid to put on your favorite piece of lingerie or do a little bit of role-playing.

Sex isn't about just doing the deed because you have to. It's more about trying new things, and keeping them on their toes keeps the excitement and spark alive. Plus, a sexy little number never hurt anybody, and it gives you a reason to splurge on yourself.

7. Be confident because you're the bomb.

Confidence is everything. They appreciate and admire every curve on your body, and you should, too. Sex and making love is not about how you look, so don't stress if the lighting isn't perfect.

They can sense when you're uncomfortable or when you're thinking too much, and they would much rather you live in the moment and enjoy them as much as they enjoy you.