Guys Reveal Whether Or Not They Care If You Say ‘Bye’ When You Leave The Morning After Sex

by Candice Jalili

So you really like this guy, and it's, like, the second time you've spent the night at his place. You had a great night together last night, but now, it's the morning after, and you have to go to work.

The problem is, he's still sound asleep. So what the eff are you supposed to do?!

Do you risk being annoying and wake him up to say goodbye? OR do you risk being super rude and leave without saying anything?

Well, maybe you could leave and send a text saying sorry for leaving without saying goodbye, but even then, was it even so rude that it merited an apology text?!


But lucky for you, I have answers.

A recent Reddit thread asked men to explain how they really feel when a girl leaves without saying bye, and these guys gave their best advice for what to do when you've gotta leave, but your dude's still sleeping:

These guys would prefer a goodbye, but it's NBD either way.

These guys would rather a quick kiss.

This guy would just like a heads up at some point.

These guys don't care as long as you shoot him a text after.

These guys want you to forget the text and go for a handwritten note.

These guys would rather you just let them sleep.

I know I'm not a dude, but I'd be pretty offended if a boy just left me in bed without saying bye or at least sending me a text after he left.

It's not that hard. Just send the stupid text. Even if he doesn't care, there's no harm in you looking nice.