Guys In Relationships Explain Why They Don't Feel Tempted To Cheat

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Every sane relationship begins with both people having an immense amount of trust in each other. But as soon as one person thinks the other may be cheating, the entire relationship can spiral into destruction. Not good.

That's why you shouldn't enter a new relationship assuming the worst if you've been burned by a cheater in the past. Because not everyone cheats.

In fact, it may be quite reassuring to hear some men in relationships have no desire to have an affair or get themselves a side chick whatsoever.

Wondering why they aren't tempted to stray? Check out the explanations from these seven real men in relationships:

I've seen relationships fall apart.

Three of my closest guy friends got divorced over the last five years. Only one of them got divorced because he ended up cheating, but I've just seen their relationships all fall apart. Because of that, I've made a promise to myself to do whatever I can to work toward a happy and healthy relationship with my wife. When things get me stressed or upset, I try to talk through them. I just don't want my relationship to fall apart like theirs did, especially because single life — post-divorce — is not as fun as it may seem.

— Jonny D., 33

I have what I need.

The thought of cheating on my girlfriend does not cross my mind. Sure, I look at other girls and think about how great it would be to bang them, but I don't do that. I don't even feel tempted to try and do that behind my girl's back. I'm happy with my girlfriend, and our relationship is what I need it to be. It's laid-back, trusting and fun. I'm not looking to involve a side-chick to screw that up.

– Carlos L., 27

I know I won't find better.

I was really deep in the dating scene for years before I got married. I dated probably, like, 40 girls in three years. There are a lot of women in this world I would never want to be with. I lucked out meeting my wife, and while she's not perfect, I know that no person is. She means everything to me. And I know that even on bad days, when I think about what it would be like to date someone else, I immediately stop and think about how I know there's no other woman better than she is. I should appreciate all that I've got.

— Mike G., 31

I'd be lost.

When you're married, you fuse together with that person. We are a team. We share everything now: finances, an apartment, our weekend plans and vacations. If I cheated on her with somebody else, I feel like I'd just be lost, and it would be so obvious. My wife would know in a second. I'm terrible at hiding things, and we are almost always together, so she'd know something was up if I just disappeared.

— Craig B., 29

I've been there, done that.

I cheated on every single girlfriend I ever had before I got married. I've never cheated on my wife. We've been married for two years, and to be honest, I have no desire to ever do that to her. I did in the past because I wasn't really committed, and that was my way of realizing it. With my wife, I'm so into what we have that I'm not interested in messing it up. I've cheated before, and I really won't ever cheat again.

— Don F., 39

It's not worth it.

Would it be nice to go off and have sex with someone else? Yes, of course. Is it worth it? No, it's not. It's just sex, and afterward, I'll feel so much guilt. It's just not something I'd ever go off and do. It's a downward spiral and a web of lies. I can live without that.

— Jacob M., 25

Right now, it doesn't tempt me.

I'm still in the honeymoon phase with my girlfriend. We've been together for six months. Everything is going great so far. When you have something good in your life, you don't want to go off and ruin it. That's why I have no desire to see another girl or do anything stupid like cheating.

— Marty G., 27