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Guys In Relationships Explain Why They Don't Feel Tempted To Cheat


Every sane relationship begins with both people having an immense amount of trust in each other. But as soon as one person thinks the other may be cheating, the entire relationship can spiral into destruction. Not good.

That's why you shouldn't enter a new relationship assuming the worst if you've been burned by a cheater in the past. Because not everyone cheats.

In fact, it may be quite reassuring to hear some men in relationships have no desire to have an affair or get themselves a side chick whatsoever.

Wondering why they aren't tempted to stray? Check out the explanations from these seven real men in relationships:

I've seen relationships fall apart.

— Jonny D., 33

I have what I need.

– Carlos L., 27

I know I won't find better.

— Mike G., 31

I'd be lost.

— Craig B., 29

I've been there, done that.

— Don F., 39

It's not worth it.

— Jacob M., 25

Right now, it doesn't tempt me.

— Marty G., 27