Good Girls Vs. Bad Girls: The Double Edged Sword

by Gayana Sarkisova

Right now, we at Elite ask the Pamela Anderson’s and Jennifer Aniston’s of the world to stand up and answer the age old debate; do men want a good girl or a bad girl? Good girls wear white cotton panties, bad girls don’t wear any. Good girls pack their toothbrush, bad girls pack their diaphragms. Good girls bend at the knees, bad girls bend at the waist.

So, when choosing between a Jackie and a Marilyn, which is better? On the one hand you have a girl you can bring home to mom in an elegant skirt-suit and gain approval. On the other, you can have the against the grain woman that ever man wet-dreams of.

To help the fellow man out, Elite takes a look into the pro's and con's of good girls and bad girls.

The goods of the good girls:

She’s nice and dependable:

Kind of like your Labrador, this girl will never let you down. Think of her as the Topanga to your Cory. If you’re in a bad mood, she’ll be there to do anything in her power to cheer you up. She actually cares about your feelings, and your happiness is important to her.

She rarely bitches at you just because you’re a man. If you fucked up, she probably won’t flip out, rather she’ll have a nice wholesome conversation with you about how to fix the situation. She’s is the mediator of your relationship.

Low Mileage:

The best part about good girls is the low number of notches on the bed post. Don’t get me wrong, they are semi-experienced; it’s just that their experience won’t make your pee burn. Also, since she hasn’t had sex with that many guys, she consequently won’t have that many men to compare you to, so even if you suck in bed, you’ll be alright.

Makes a good wife, mother, best friend:

The typical good girl is nurturing, down to earth, and responsible. Whether men like to admit it or not, their DNA is biological programmed to find a mate with which they can settle down and start a family. Good girls generally come from good families.

In many cases they want to carry on these good morals and values into a family of their own. She can also be your best friend. She truly enjoys your company, misses you when you’re gone, and showers you with attention when you’re home … this gets back to the Labrador theory I mentioned before.

The bads of the good girls:

She’s vanilla:

Life with a good girl can be as exciting as watching your hair grow. They generally tend to be homebodies and like to curl up with a good book. Although this is alright behavior for a rainy Sunday, it transcends into weekend habits as well. Think Katie Holmes circa Dawson’s Creek when all she wanted to do was sit by that shitty creek, cuddling underneath the stars.

She chooses comfort:

She often chooses comfort over fashion. The hair is pulled back in a practical way. She wears very little make-up. She forgoes the high heels and sexy dresses for sweats that she feels “herself” in. She wears underwear that can be used for hand gliding; and the list goes on.

Basically, she just doesn’t put any effort into keeping her man. Don’t get us wrong, every guy loves a girl that can be herself around him. However, sometimes it’s necessary to throw away sensibility and trade it in for sex.

She’s boring in bed:

Like we’ve said before, good girls typically have low mileage. Although this may seem perfect for you on some nights, it may also come back to bite you in the ass. For example, there’s a good possibility that you’re going to have to be the one to constantly initiate sex which can get repetitive and boring.

Chalk it up to inexperience or lack of desire, but good girls tend to leave the manliest part of a man very unfulfilled. In which case, he will probably start to stray towards the bad girl with the nipples peeking through her shirt and the long wraparound legs.

The goods of the bad girl:

She ups your status:

Let’s face it, bad girls are hot. When a man has a stunner on his arm, it makes men jealous and women intrigued, so it's like your stock skyrockets automatically. Suddenly, men want to be you and women want to be with you.

Women seldom want something unless another, especially a hot woman, has it. So, not only do you get to tell your buddies your bedtime tales with a bad girl, but you will probably get a lot more women then you usually do because of it. In life, we call this a win-win.

She craves sex:

The bad girl loves sex and makes no excuse about it. Consider her the female version of 50 Shades of Grey. She is more than willing to fulfill your every whim in bed and will make you feel like a sex God while she’s doing it.

Sex with a bad girl will never be boring because she loves to experience new things probably more than the guy she is with. Make no mistake about it; you won’t have to deal with games because a bad girl is more than happy to seduce you 24/7.

She’s exciting:

Unlike boring good girls, a bad girl is a walking adrenaline rush. She has no time for complaining or depression because she is too busy living life to the fullest. She grabs the world by the horns and likes her men to do the same. With a bad girl, you’re always guaranteed a good time because she is wildly unpredictable.

She can party all night, drink with the boys, and wake up the next morning ready to go again. She’ll laugh, flirt, and constantly remind you why you feel so prideful walking around with her at your side.

The bads of bad girls:

She’s a tease:

She knows men want her and she uses it to her advantage. She will make a man think she is falling for him to get what she wants and then disappear without a word. Bad girls are untrustworthy because they have the tendency to hop around from guy to guy with zero regard for anyone.

Bad girls are usually not very loyal and should be kept at arm’s length, because more often than not, they’ll break your heart and make you look like a bitch for having feelings and fantasies for her that you thought only came from the mind of a woman.

She’s dangerous:

Because bad girls like to party so much, they often get involved with the wrong crowd. She may be into excessive consumption of drugs and alcohol. In this case you’re going to spend most of your time being her babysitter, not her man.

She’s selfish:

All bad girls truly care about is what’s best for them. They are self obsessed, and narcissistic. Not to call anyone a hooker -- but, bad girls put a price on their vaginas. They want dinner, some gifts, a few diamonds … then they’ll put out. Not to worry, if you’re not willing to pay the price, there’s a line of men who will.

Words of advice:

You can train a good girl to be bad – then you will have the best of both worlds. However, never make the mistake of thinking a bad girl can turn good; you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife.

Gayana Sarkisova | Elite.