Gay Siblings' Plan To Sneak BF And GF Into Conservative Parents' House Is Genius

by Candice Jalili

A gay brother and his lesbian sister found themselves in a pickle when trying to bring their significant others home to mom and dad.

Their parents are conservative, and the kids knew they wouldn't approve of their relationships, so they devised a little plan of their own.

LUCKY FOR US, the gay brother decided to share his GENIUS plan with us in what looks like a Yik Yak post:


It reads:

My sister is a lesbian and I'm gay but our parents are very conservative so she 'dates' my bf & I 'date' her gf, so if they stay over, they stay in opposite rooms, but jokes on my parents.

Yep, these kids are SAVAGE.

While their parents think their "straight" kids are having some good, clean fun, they're actually getting down and dirty with their partners UNDER THEIR OWN ROOF.

It's diabolical and, frankly, genius. I'm a fan.

A screenshot of the post then went viral on Imgur, and people had lots to say about it:

This commenter suggested they have a double wedding with a twist at the end:


This one played the whole wedding scenario out a little further for us:


This one LOVES their diabolical plan:


This one is a little skeptical about how conservative these parents really are:


This one is a little skeptical about the story in general:


And then, there's this guy here to let us know straight people can do this, too:


I've gotta say, part of me is with Imgur user @memphismaynotfire in thinking this might not have actually happened... but, even if it didn't, we have to thank the guy who posted it for the inspiration!

SO DON'T WORRY, EVERYONE. There does exist a way for you to get freaky with your partner, even in your conservative parents' house.

Now, take this information, and go do with it what you will.