People Share The Hilarious Moment They Were Caught Having Sex And It’s Beyond Cringeworthy

by Alexia LaFata

Being caught having sex is almost a rite of passage as an adult. There are only so many locks on so many doors. Someone will inevitably barge in on a room they didn't know you were in, or knew you were in but just forgot, because humans are flawed and sometimes distracted by their own thoughts. Or maybe you and your partner will take a ~risk~ by having sex in a public space, like the lounge in your dorm building or the bathroom of a bar, and someone catches you, wide-eyed and shocked, and the whole thing becomes one of those funny sex stories you tell at parties.

The people of Reddit know how hilarious it is to get caught having sex, so they've graciously shared their stories with the entire internet. Read along, and try not to wince (even though you will definitely want to).

Amazing punishment.

No longer mama's little boy.

He honestly didn't have much of a choice here.


Friends are the biggest cockblocks.

This guy's porn fantasy did not come true.

Sounds like some serious summer fun!

This walk of shame puts all walks of shame to shame.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming!

OK, WTF were you guys doing though?

It's a family affair!

Is there anything more horrifying than witnessing teens 69ing?

This guy lost all control.

But the dog!

The fact that he stayed hard is a miracle.

The takeaway? Embrace embarrassing moments. They make great stories.

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