Don't Let Your Prime Go To Waste

by Anonymous

In case you forgot what the idea of your "prime" is referencing, a simple explanation would be the golden age of your life. The time period between the ages of 18-35 is considered to be your evolutionary prime.

This when you can perform at the highest level physically, look the best, appear more dashing and charming than you every will again and of course, fuck with an insurmountable amount of energy and passion over and over only to emerge thirsty for more each time.

This is a stage of your life that should be taken very seriously if it is to be taken advantage of. Your prime only comes around once with no rehearsals involved, so you must let your natural drive for success and social dominance run wild when it has the one chance to access literally every objective it can conjure up.

By understanding that this is your moment to be the person you always wanted to be and have the most fun imaginable, you will accumulate enough credit and status to pass on to your children's children when they ask about when you were really slinging it back in the day.

With all these aspirations and goals entering your mind during your prime, it can become difficult to balance your priorities but alas, this is what growing up is meant to teach you.  The most important thing about it is to not let any time from your prime go to waste by being involved with something you are not enjoying, such as but not limited to a miserable, monotonous romantic relationship.

Life is too short to sit there and complain and feel sorry for yourself or always constantly fight with your significant other. It's time for you to realize what your prime is all about.

The logical reasoning for men

Being in a relationship during the prime of your life is like the time Michael Jordan retired form basketball at the peak of his career. It's like hanging up your shoes and your jersey after scoring almost 50 points ever night. Think about what Jordan did when he decided he had retired too early. He came right back and went even harder and that is exactly what happens to you when you decide to retire and get involved in a romantic relationship that will help go nowhere in life.

Staying in a committed relationship at such a young age implies that you don't care about the fact that your body is hungry for different kinds of women, adventure, and exploration of alternative lifestyles. All a relationship leads to is being stuck in a cycle of boring sex and drudging responsibilities that are not increasing your knowledge of the world and what it can offer you.

The chances of you marrying and building a concrete life with the person are dating in your prime are slim to none. It's a waste of time, money the prime of your sexual ability, a gift you should be sharing with enormous amounts of women. The concept of settling down shouldn't even cross your mind until your 35 and if it does we highly recommend  settling down with someone like an ex WWF diva like George Clooney did with Stacy Keibler.

The truth of the matter is there is just no reason for you to waste your time settling down with one girl for such a large portion of your prime when there are 3.5 other billion women out there that will give you less of a headache, save some money in your wallet and give you the best sex of your life.

This is the time when you need to be racking it by meeting different girls in different places of the world and having a different story to tell with each and every one of them. This is the time to be a man whore because you may never have the amount of freedom and passion to go around as you do now so why not treat each girl like a valuable learning experience that should be enjoyed instead of her acting like your parent and you having to deal with the tragedy of her on her period.

Besides, you probably are never going to look as good as you do now so why not see just how far your level of attraction can take you? If you stay with one person for an extended amount of time, you will lose your confidence in terms of what types of women you seem appealing to.

You have the power to let any unsuspecting girl know how young and hungry you are and simply let your desire to explore land her in bed with you. You don't even need viagra to get it up! This is a luxury most men who missed out on their prime only dream of. Think about it like there there are 3,499,999,999 billion other women out there that have the same product as the girl you think your dating.

The logical reasoning for women

After getting all the men in the world pumped up and turning them into the assholes that women say they hate but really love, it's time to pass some knowledge on to women as well. Ladies, let's be very realistic here. Your prime is usually a much smaller slot than a man's, typically ranging from 18-26.

By prime we mostly mean in your looks and overall care you take of yourself because we all know the prime of a women's sex is actually more towards 30. The only issue is the looks might not be there by then and if you count in the college 40 you gain your on a terrible path.

You are lucky enough to live in a time where you are allowed to do whatever the hell you want whenever the hell you want by covering it up with just saying YOLOL. So take full advantage of it! Life is short and soon enough your looks will be gone before you know it and your sexual ability will become weaker and weaker as the younger women will take your spot in terms of being relevant to the younger, attractive males in the world and the older richer guys who love young girls.

There is absolutely no reason for you to be tied down with a guy because he will never be your dreamy Channing Tantum you see in your movies and while your putting up with all his shit and staying faithful he is most likely out there slinging it around like he should be in his prime. Don't waste yourself the time, headache, cramps and multiple amount of tears that can fill a river.

When 26 rolls around is when you should start looking for your mid 30's rich guy that you dreamed of. In your prime, it's time to take advantage of all of that craziness and desire to let your personality free by showing off your beauty, individuality and partying potential.

We all know you secretly are dissatisfied with all the men you get to know so why not sleep with as many as you want to when you're actually hot enough to do so? Sleep with all the good looking men that strike you on the street, nothing's going to happen to you if you just ditch him afterwards for the next guy.

However, please do be responsible and keep it at a healthy level so you're at least still capable of acknowledging feelings beyond lust. Two guys a month sounds about right.. The key here is to look like a good girl on the outside but still be a bad ass on the inside. Think of the concept of building a house of cards and never brag just keep it to yourself. Your girlfriends around you will get jealous as it is a female trait.

Don't care what others think of you and if they have a problem tell them Elite Daily said to go fuck themselves. Men aren't serious during your prime so don't waste your time mistaking them for people looking to settle down. Want a boyfriend? Find a cuddle buddy. Want to have sex? Find a few good looking booty calls. It's that simple. For as long as you maintain yourself, your prime will be around. Think of yourself as a banana  What happens to a banana after a while? It turns all black and rotten. Your prime is when the banana is yellow and it starts getting darker after 26 to the point where no one wants to eat it anymore.


Making a solid argument for both sexes, it seems the prime is more important than originally thought. It's not just a time period but also a mindset. This is not the time to think you are in a Disney movie but the time to accumulate all those stories that will make you smile later on in life when you reminisce  Take it from someone that is older: once you pass 35 it's just not as fun as it used to be. You have the ability to get wasted on a Monday night and still be able to wake up in time for work with a minor headache. Take full advantage ladies and gents.

Chase Hitchens | Elite.