Dating — This Sex-Positive, Feminist Porn Star Is Forever Changing Mainstream Porn

Any facet of entertainment can be divided into two categories: mainstream and independent.

Mainstream entertainment is often deemed shallow and cliche, and it gets a bad rap for being intellectually and artistically inferior to "high-brow" independent work.

Well, Madison Young, a sex-positive feminist, porn star, author, director and sex-educator, has spent more than a decade trying to change that stigma. Especially in the mainstream adult film industry.

Back in the early 2000s, Madison started her sex work career as a popular bondage model and mainstream porn star. Ever since then, she has been challenging the stereotypes of what a typical porn star should be.

Madison Young

When meeting Madison in person, she's a very smart, eloquent individual with a soothing demeanor and a presence that exudes a contagious, warm vibe.

It's a bit of a stark contrast to her work as a sex-positive artist: During her live one-woman sex show, she pushes her body to the extreme. And on film, she can be seen in aggressive, double-penetration scenes.

She's acted in and directed everything from "mainstream vanilla porn," as she calls it, to hardcore BDSM, queer and docuporn.

Madison Young


Throughout her career, she's learned that it's not uncommon for a woman with fake breasts, a fake tan and other cosmetic surgeries to also fake an orgasm for the camera.

That's why she's now consistently advocating for authentic sex and real orgasms in mainstream porn.

Madison Young

She feels most mainstream adult film videos don't offer any message of substance and can send warped, confusing signals about sex and body image to viewers.

To change this, Madison has resumed a position behind the cameras as well to help infuse feminism into porn. Her films have won multiple awards and have regularly been recognized at the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto.

Madison Young

As a director, she angles her films on the performer and what their values and desires are — as seen in behind-the-scenes clips of Madison's session with Siouxsie Q, a journalist and porn actress.

Madison Young

Regarding her work, Madison says,

I wanted to start something that was more about political daily actions that people are doing around a sexual revolution. I feel like there are so many people out there that are doing really revolutionary work in the sex industry. I'd like to highlight those people and point out to people that there are daily acts that we can embrace around our sexuality.

These values, along with verbal consent, body-positivity and inclusiveness to all performers, are all integral parts of Madison's sexual revolution.

And yes, even with a husband and two children, she continues to write, direct and perform.

But she's also a certified sexual educator through the San Francisco Sex Information training program, and is currently pursuing her master's degree in clinical sexology at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

Madison Young

Her latest book is The Ultimate Guide to Sex Through Pregnancy and Motherhood. You can also find more of her work on her website, her Tumblr and her Twitter.

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