Don't Fall Into The Trap

by Evelyn Pelczar

Dating and pursuing females has always been, and forever will be, a test of manhood. The hottest and most composed female in the room immediately captures our interests.

There’s a problem though, the subpar females have caught on to our patterns and have manipulated them to their advantage. Here are some of the avoidable traps that no man should ever fall into:

The “Cheerleader Effect” Trap

First introduced by the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” the cheerleader effect is the easiest trap to fall into. This usually occurs when you see a group of semi-attractive females and they come across as a clan of the Earth’s sexiest women. You’re instantly captivated by their looks and mannerisms. You want them all to fulfill your inner manhood desires.

The truth is that individually these females rank a 7 at BEST. The fact of the matter is that males are visual creatures. We are stimulated by the potential of a group of superb looking females, especially if they’re drunk and showing skin. Just don’t do it. It will fill your void with disappointment and misguided hopes.

The “What’s Left” Trap

Last call and the lights go on. You’re stuck with leftovers rather than a quality female. The ones that you want are either taken or have been ruled out due to personal standards, leading you to wind up with the next/last best option.

This arises from interacting with a relatively small number of females. Expand your horizons so that you have options from various groups of girls, rather than what’s left in one.

The “Flawless” Trap

No one is perfect. I repeat: NO ONE is perfect. “Perfect” is not an adjective we should use to describe females at all. They all have some sort of flaw that they don’t want us to know about. It makes them feel insecure and powerless. They’d rather hide them than work on them. Ironically, the more perfect she seems – the deeper, darker and crazier her flaw may be.

Simply stop going for females who are as fake as their boobs and start pursuing those with some character. Nothing is sexier on a woman than confidence, personality and a strong sense of self.

The “She’s Different” Trap

Men would love nothing more than a best friend that they could fuck. It’s true. Yet, women have caught on and developed according to this ideal, thus giving birth to the female that’s “different.” She’s changed her entire way of being to differentiate herself from the rest of the pack. She tries her best to be one the guys while wearing a huge sign to show that “she’s not like the rest of them.” As awesome as she may seem, it’s a lie.

The truth of the matter of is that there aren’t many girls out there that are one of the guys. For those lucky groups of guys that have found one know how different she actually is. But that’s the beauty of it; she doesn’t label herself as different. She just is.

The posers that trade Ciroc for a Keystone, are no different than girls from whom they try to distinguish themselves. They are filled with insecurities that eat them alive and have found a clever way to mask them.

Closing thought: Men, be more aware of the lady that you’re pursuing and make sure you fall in no such trap. Ladies, just be. You will attract the same facets, quirks and traits that you put out there.

MC | Elite.