Men Discuss The Difference Between Women To Sleep With And Women To Marry

Just because a guy sleeps with you, doesn't necessarily mean he's ready to meet you down the aisle.

More often than not, people tend to put any person they encounter in two very separate groups: the short-term and the long-term.

In the romantic sense, the short-term probably means a one-night stand. This person is a great time all-around, but you could never envision yourself actually being with them for the rest of your life.

The long-term person, on the other hand, is most likely a person who encompasses all the qualities that are irresistible to you. The bond you two have is real — so much more than just the physical.

Essentially, they're the one you could see yourself marrying and spending the rest of your life with.

This isn't to say the short-term people and the long-term people don't share characteristics, though. Odds are, you're looking for someone who is smart, funny, charming and a goddamn fireball in bed.

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I hear that's what the kids call "wife material."

Lucky for us, a handful of gentlemen took to Reddit to discuss the difference between "women to fuck" and "women to marry" and if there's any overlap between the two.

Let's just say everyone's entitled to their own opinions...

To this guy, a woman who's marriage material means she can't JUST be good in bed.

Apparently, your personality is a big giveaway when it comes to being a wife.

This guy thinks you can't just judge this kind of thing off a woman's looks.

Make sure you pay close attention to her... outfit?

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It's all about making sure you're both on the same page with what you want.

If she only cares about sex, your relationship isn't going to go past that.

To this guy, passion for something is everything when it comes to a long-lasting spark.

Are you fun for a night or fun all the time?

Sex and marriage go hand in hand in the long term for this guy.

If you're not the total package, this guy isn't into it.

This guy thinks the difference is all subjective.

If you don't want to run away after sex, she's a keeper.

For this guy, a relationship has to come before the sex aspect for it to last.

REAL chemistry is where it's at for this guy.

Just because you enjoy sex, doesn't mean you can't be a good wife.

Well, don't all of these qualities just sound like every man's fantasy?

Well, not me, personally. I'm into dudes.

But enjoy, you guys!

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