How To Develop Your Lay-Dar

by Gayana Sarkisova

Being able to tell if a man will be good or bad in bed is tricky business. Short of copping a feel and praying for the best, there isn’t much a girl can do. Lucky for you, I’m here to provide you with the sure fire signals to make sure the guy you’ve been dating isn’t just a waste of space.

Knowing whether or not someone will be good in bed is so elusive that it’s nearly impossible to spot. A good roll in Egyptian cotton sheets is usually a subjective mix of emotion, timing, hormones and dirty talk.

However, there’s nothing more disappointing than inviting your new man upstairs for the first time and finding out that your flu shot lasted longer than he did.

Let’s think about this rationally: There’s really no point of adding him to your number unless he’s prepared to add to your pleasure.

Below are the sure fire signs that your man will not be a libido letdown:

The way he dances:

This is obvious, I know, but there’s a reason women say there’s no lover like a Latin lover. Dancing is probably the most fun you can have with a member of the opposite sex without taking your clothes off. It’s also one of the most erotic and expressive things he will ever do. So it comes as no surprise that women relate dancing to sex.

The way in which he dances will be the ultimate predictor. Studies show that men who can slow dance one minute and adapt to a faster song the next will mostly likely behave the same way in bed. Meaning, he can be extremely passionate or spontaneous and fun. One way or another, he’ll get you off. Finally, and most importantly, if he dances like Ricky Martin, keep it moving.

The way he dresses:

Granted, whether or not you will like what he is wearing is subjective. However, the main goal here is to notice if he takes care of himself and his appearance. Men who pay close attention to the way they present themselves understand the importance of making a good first impression.

Can you think of a better first impression than multiple orgasms? Didn’t think so. These men know that come hell or high water, they have to be amazing in bed, otherwise you would get the wrong impression of them. That kind of drive and determination will keep you coming back to him time and time again.

The way he kisses:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it over and over again: a good kisser does not always translate into a good lover. Obviously, being a good kisser is crucial. However, his kiss is only as good as what he does with his hands during that kiss. No matter how amazing this kiss is, if his arms are flaccidly wrapped around your waist he may as well be flaccid in bed too because that’s how bored you’ll be.

Imagine a good kiss where the guy is running his fingers through your hair, running his hands down your neck, moving them into the small of your back and finally going in for the full ass grab. Now imagine a good kiss, but the guy is standing there like a log.

Which one do you think will be better in bed? I rest my case.

The Way He Handles Money

Unfortunately, the width of his wallet won’t determine the width of penis. Sure, if he’s rich you could be wearing Agent Provocateur instead of Victoria’s Secret, but hey, lingerie doesn’t guarantee orgasms either. Anyway, the way a man behaves with his money can tell you a lot about how he will behave between the sheets.

He could be taking you to McDonalds (let’s hope not) or a Michelin starred restaurant, but if he’s cheap, chances are that he’ll be selfish in bed. A cheap man generally behaves this way in every aspect of his life; only thinking about himself. To break it down further for you: If he’s cheap, he’ll be one of those guys that finishes in three minutes and you’ll be left wondering if you just had sex or a nightmare.

The Way He Looks At You:

I once heard that if a man looks you in the eyes for over eight seconds, he either wants to kill you or rip your thong off with his teeth. In this case let’s just assume (and hope) it’s the latter and go with that. The way a man looks at you says a lot about his confidence level.

If he’s looking directly at you when he speaks to you, he wants your full attention. That kind of gaze only comes from a man who is confident in what he’s saying. Inevitably this confidence translates to a man who knows what he wants, when he wants it and how he wants it. Let’s take a moment to remember the way Christian Grey looked at Anastasia Steele in that book I forgot the name of. Point proven.

Closing Thoughts: I’m never really wrong, but for arguments sake, let’s say that I could be. Regardless of rules or signs, the most important thing any woman can do is go with her gut feelings. If you’re horny and have a few drinks in you, go ahead girl, get yours. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Words of Wisdom: A few years back I learned something life changing and I’m about to share that with you: kisses that fail upstairs have a certain finesse downstairs.

Gayana Sark | Elite.

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