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If You Live In This Country, We're Sorry To Hear You Have Such Bad Sex

I've never been a sucker for British accents or accents in general.

It's not that I have anything against them per se. It's more that I'm just not one of those girls whose panties DROP the minute they hear someone talking like Winston Churchill.

I've always felt like a giant freak for this, and my friends have made sure to constantly remind me of what a giant freak I am for this, but today is a good day, you guys.

It turns out, BRITISH PEOPLE AREN'T THAT GREAT AFTER ALL. Well, not that great in bed, at least.

What could I possibly be talking about?

Well, the most recent National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles study of sexual health in Britain finds that large numbers of its younger population are having a tough time in the bedroom.

I mean, they're having a really tough time. They're experiencing "pain or anxiety during sex" or "inability to climax," and they're "finding intercourse difficult."

Over a third (33.8 percent) of Britain's sexually active men aged 16 to 21 and almost half of their sexually active young women (44.4 percent) the same age admitted to experiencing at least one problem when it came to their ability to enjoy sex this past year.

They say the problem lasted for them at least a three months. THREE MONTHS. That's no joke.

The problems for men and women differed, but the most common problems for women were difficulty reaching climax (21.3 percent), while Vice reports that other problems included not being able to enjoy sex, feeling anxious during sex and not feeling excitement or arousal during sex.

Things were a little different for men.

Standing in stark contrast to the ladies, the biggest difficulty in the bedroom for guys was orgasming too quickly (13.2 percent). The other problems they face range from feeling anxious to difficulty getting or maintaining an erection.

Yeah, I bet those accents aren't looking so hot anymore.

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