The Complicated Mind Of A Female

It's not a myth — we females are definitely a work of art. Unlike most simple-minded men, we are a complex species. We manage an entirely different perspective — on a variety of things — than men. Sometimes the simplicity of men allows for our complexity to be lost in translation.

And it creates those moments where men clearly have no idea what they've mistaken. I've proffered a simplistic encyclopedia for the simplistic man, cataloguing the major errors that tick females off —  to keep her happy and you sane.

First off, always make a big deal of occasions. Your girlfriend/wife might tell you she doesn't want you to fuss over her birthday, anniversaries or even valentine's day — do not believe her. This is one of the biggest traps for a guy.

These are special days out of the year and most girls want to feel special on this day. Many times something personal means a million times more than a gift. Maybe if it's even a really sweet phone call, text or just some quality time together, make sure you let her know that you know it is her special day.

Secondly, if you are on a date with your girlfriend/wife, make sure you are more than physically present. One of the quickest ways to annoy your girlfriend/wife is to pay more attention to your cell phone than your date. Unless she's doing this too, then you both need some lessons in manners.

It's just common courtesy, no matter how long you have been together. Make sure to look at her when she is speaking to you and pay attention to her. Dates should be a time to connect so disconnect from the outer world and connect with your girlfriend for a moment.

Thirdly, beware of social media. Facebook has been the unwitting end of many of a relationship. You are never too old to get caught in a trap on social media. See when a girl sets her mind on something her investigative skills turn are comparable to a CIA agent. Girls know more ways to find things out on social media sites than guys ever knew existed.

Let's be real, guys are dumb most of the time. Be careful what you put online because girls take things literally. A simple friendly comment or liking a picture never hurts, just make sure you compliment the women in your life every now and then, this might just keep you out of the hot seat.

Lastly, make sure to remind her of that man who first swept her off her feet. Nothing is worse in a relationship than when people get too comfortable. Never get to the point where you don't do anything to keep someone around. Just because you have a good person does not mean you can't lose them — this goes for both genders.

The way the female mind works may never be entirely deciphered, but try a couple of these tips and you might just be saved from a few of  the relationship headaches. As the saying goes “Happy wife, happy life.”

Chantel Morel | Elite.