These Are The Colleges That Are Having The Most Sex Right Now

by Candice Jalili
Trinette Reed

NEWSFLASH: You're not cool for having sex in college. Everyone's doing it ("it" being each other, in this case).

But which campuses are doing it the most?

Convenience store delivery service, goPuff — which allows people in major US cities to order more than 3,000 products from their local convenience stores to be delivered to their doorstep in 30 minutes or less — was interested in finding out.

So, their team analyzed the zip codes of all of the on-demand condom orders placed between (thirsty) Thursday, August 25, 2016 to (tequila) Tuesday, September 6, 2016 to figure out which college campuses all of these last-minute requests for rubbers were coming from.

And now, we're exclusively announcing their findings.

Below is the list of cities that had the most condom orders in the 13-day period (represented in percentages), and then, the colleges within those cities that are responsible for all of those prophylactic orders.

In other words, the colleges that are having the MOST SEX!

Plus, we're dropping some of our own fun and not-so-fun sex-related facts about each school.

Alright... go!

1. Philadelphia, PA (29 percent)

Drexel University 

University of Pennsylvania (Sex-related fact: It's an OG member of the Ivy League that's also made its way into the news recently for calling out a sexist email sent to a select list of their female freshman)

Temple University

2. Boston, MA (13.9 percent)

Boston University

Boston College (Sex-related fact: The school has received plenty of flack for their rule that bans students from receiving free condoms on campus) [Editor's note: Yup. This is true. I went there.]

Harvard (Sex-related fact: The big H, ironically, has previously reported that 25 percent of its students graduate as virgins)


Northeastern University (Sex-related fact: They recently had a professor arrested in a sex sting. #Awkward)

3. Phoenix, AZ (11.7 percent)

Arizona State University (Sex-related fact: Weirdly, this school may have just kissed its party reputation goodbye, so perhaps these were sober hook-ups?)

4. Washington, DC (9.7 percent)

American University (Sex-related fact: They literally have an entire page devoted to "waiting for sex" on their wellness center's site)

Georgetown University (Sex-related fact: The school made its way into the news last year when its sexual assault survivors challenged their university to "be better")

George Washington University (Sex-related fact: This uni requires its freshmen to attend a "sexual assault prevention" class)

5. New York, NY (9.5 percent)

NYU (Sex-related fact: It also made Playboy's list of colleges with the best sex lives back in 2012).

Hunter College

Pace University (Sex-related fact: Pace has received flack for its spotty handling of sexual assault cases in the past)


6. Denver, CO (7 percent)

Denver University (Sex-related fact: Yikes! The school has already reported seven rapes this year alone)

University of Colorado, Denver (Sex-related fact: It's also forcing students to attend a class aimed at sexual assault prevention)

7. Chicago, IL (6.4 percent)

DePaul University (Sex-related fact: More and more students are starting to speak up about their experiences with sexual assault)

8. Seattle, WA (4.8 percent)

University of Washington (Sex-related fact: It was recently discovered that a famous professor here was paying an employee to submit to his sexual demands)

9. Austin, TX (4.4 percent)

University of Texas at Austin (Sex-related fact: They were just all over the news for their #CocksNotGlocks anti-gun movement)

St. Edwards University

Austin Community College (Sex-related fact: Ironically, this community college has someone who supports abstinence only education running to be a member of their board of trustees)

10. Portland, OR (3.4 percent)

Portland State University (Sex-related fact: Records have recently been released showing that there's been years and years of sexual assault complaints here that went absolutely nowhere).

And there you have it, folks!

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