Why You Need To Break Up With Social Media After You Break Up With Him

by Samantha Surface

As if break ups weren’t tough already, we now have social media outlets to add to the mess of a split. Let’s face it: it’s really difficult to see our exes enjoying their lives without us. The pain we feel when we see him or her with another person in their Instagram photo just hurts so good, we can’t look away; we can’t stop torturing ourselves.

It’s amazing how 140 characters we read on Twitter can really affect the rest of your night. We discover that our ex is a party, and even though we’re at one, too, it just doesn’t sit well. We become obsessed. We stalk their social media outlets, with little idea of what we’re actually searching for. What is it we’re searching for?

There comes a time when we have to really look deep inside ourselves and ask, do we really want to feel this way? Do we want to feel this angry over our exes going out on the weekends, or is it time to start focusing on our own lives and the positives? I would hope it’s the latter for everyone. At that moment in time, is when we should break up with our ex through social media, also.

We must experience every phase grieving over a breakup in order to fully reach the point of being “over it.” Thanks to today’s technology, un-friending our ex on Facebook, or un-following them on Twitter or Instagram, is now a stage in the breakup process. Whatever the social media outlet may be, we’ve dissected every comment, or like, there is to see. Looking too deeply into any type of action on a social media outlet is not healthy, and quite frankly, it’s a waste of time.

All that time spent creeping on our exes could be used for something more productive, such as looking for a new love, or re-discovering one of our passions. Essentially, we should be focusing on ourselves post-breakup, not on what our ex articulated about his or her night out in 140 characters.

Yes, cutting off all ties is much easier said than done, but it should happen if it pains us too much to see our exes getting on with their lives and enjoying them without us. There are plenty of friends, teams, and companies on Instagram or Twitter we can follow to occupy our idle time. Besides, our ex probably isn’t having as much fun as it seems, considering we’re no longer in the picture.

It’s critical to gauge our feelings and the amount of time we spend creeping on our exes. Rather than worrying about what’s going on in their lives, we need to focus on our own and give all of our attention to the people that matter in our lives, who will always be there. They’re the people that want to mention us on Twitter and comment on our fun photos on Facebook from the trendy club last weekend.

Those are the people who want to see us happy, who want to share in our joy. Eventually, we’ll realize that our world is better than ever without our ex in it, and in turn, our daily lives are much easier and enjoyable when our ex is out of site on social media, as well.

Twitter: @SammySurface