So, All Of Your Boyfriend's Friends Have Seen You Naked

So, you and this guy have been seeing each other for a month or so now. You text all the time. You've been texting all the time since the day you met! It's almost getting to the point where you feel weird not filling him in on every detail of your day.

That being said, your texting is pretty normal, standard stuff. You know, the usual, "How's your day going?" "Eh, it's going alright, kind of swamped at work. How about you?" Blah blah blah.

But now it's Wednesday night, you're in bed and you just got waxed. So, not going to lie, you're feeling pretty sexy when you hear your phone ding and his name pops up on your screen.

You guys were supposed to hang out tonight, but he ended up having plans, so he wants to know how your night ended up. You start chatting, but when you ask him the standard, "How'd your night go?" He responds with something a little different this time, "It was fine... now I'm in bed kinda horny haha... what are you wearing?"

You throw your phone down immediately. Aah! Was that a sext!? You can bet your bottom dollar that was a sext.

You weigh out your pros and cons. For the pros, you're pretty horny, as well. You also look really hot right now. And you're freshly waxed. So that's all going for you.

But then, there's always that one big con: What if he shows people?

Sure, there are more pros than cons here, but doesn't that one con sort of trump any and all pros?

But then you think about it some more. This isn't some random guy. This is the same guy you've been seeing for one month now. You can trust him. He's not some creepazoid. So, you go ahead and send the sext.

But a new study of almost 6,000 single people finds maybe you shouldn't have been so trusting of your guy after all.

Almost one quarter of respondents who admitted to receiving sexts at one point or another confessed to having shared the racy images with friends. Yes, friends. As in plural.

Just how many are we talking here? More than three.

There's a 25 percent chance that the racy picture you sent to your guy last night is sitting in at least three of his best buddies' camera rolls as we speak, being seen by people you never intended to see you naked.

Oh, and what's more? Men are TWICE as likely to share sexts with their friends than women are. Let that one just soak in for a bit.

So, here we are, people. I would think twice before sending that nude.

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