The 10 Ways That Social Media Has Killed The Modern Relationship

by Eddie Cuffin

The modern relationship: a melting pot of friends with benefits, social media and cuddle sessions. Relationships have gradually evolved throughout time, and it is safe to say that modern relationships are not what they used to be.

In the age of social media, everyone is in your business. People have a blow by blow of your relationship at the moment things happen.

Before you get a chance to even explain yourself, your argument is getting shared and commented on by all of your friends as if they know what has really happened. There is your perspective, your partner's perspective and the perspective of everyone else on social media. Everyone wants to put their input in.

The modern relationship is directly infused with social media. As social media becomes more prevalent in our lives, it will especially become more prevalent in our relationships.

Can we find a happy medium between social media and relationships or are we going to have to choose one or the other? Here are the reasons why social media has killed the modern relationship:

SnapChat is a guilty pleasure you can indulge in frequently without getting caught.

Being loyal has just gotten a bit more difficult, yeah your ex was crazy, but for some reason they are still comfortable sending you naked pics over snap chat. It's not like you're going to complain, who could say no to a quick Snap Chat anyway? It's there and then it's gone somewhere onto the internet to never be seen by anyone...until another pic comes. Be careful because it only takes a second for your GF/BF to notice they were not the ones to send you that picture.

Nothing makes you a target quite like the "In a relationship" status.

Sweet City

Your girlfriend has hundreds of thirsty friends, some of whom want to take you down while others just want to get back at your girlfriend. Making a relationship status makes you a target, nothing like the forbidden fruit right? Girls love guys with girlfriends and somehow they have this sense when a guy is taken.

You will see that your girlfriend's friends will start interacting with you more on social media in the hopes that you may slip up and get with one of them.

This is a trap because none of them know how to keep quiet and once you decide to sleep with them, your relationship is a ticking time bomb at the whims of a girl who doesn't care what you and your girlfriend have.

You compare yourself to the happy couple, always trying to appear happy.


We all know that one couple, yup the one that makes a relationship just seem so perfect and effortless. Their happiness is the envy of your newsfeed, as they flood your feed with cheesy comments and photos professing their love for each other. Every one of your friends tries to emulate this relationship, but little do they know, it's not as flowery as it seems on social media.

It gives you the feeling MOOR (missing out on relationship), which is the FOMO of relationships, they make themselves seem happier than they really are because we all know relationships aren't always what they seem to be on the outside.

You can't be at two places at once, but your Instagram photos will prove otherwise.


Say you just want to have a simple night with just the girls or a guys. Once you tell your significant other you are staying in, it is imperative that you do whatever you can to stay off social media. Although you told your GF/BF that you had no plans of going out, a quick and careless Instagram flick with you in the background by one of your friends can be extremely detrimental.

This is no longer a time when you can just walk out your house, literally the paparazzi are everywhere. Everyone has a phone and don't worry his/her friends are out there to catch you slipping, so watch yourself at all times.

There is no excuse for forgetting birthdays.


Men aren't the best when it comes to remembering dates, we all know this. Many of us can't remember our own birthday let alone remember other people's. Well isn't Facebook just perfect for this? Because of their birthday calendar you now have no excuse to forget someone's birthday. If you forget your partner's birthday, all hell is going to break loose, so you better be on your A game when it comes to this.

Getting away with a one-night fling is almost impossible.

All eyes are on you while your beer goggles are on her friend. After a few drinks, you lose your judgment and find yourself making out with your girlfriend's friend.

One thing leads to another and in the morning you find yourself next to your GF's friend. This is clearly a mistake and it is something that you never want to talk about again. Well you're sh*t out of luck because photos of you making out with her at the bar have already surfaced and you have some explaining to do.

A simple like, comment or poke can be taken way out of proportion.

Social Geek

Imagine getting into arguments over likes, comments and pokes...sounds childish right?...Wrong. This is a common thing amongst people who tend to value their social media lives more than their actual lives. The problem with social media now is that it has actually become an integral part of everyone's lives. Many people cannot live without their social media.

People take this out of hand in relationships because they start to stalk each other's pages and begin to watch over what they comment and like. This is not healthy for a relationship as it will lead to many problems later on. Things can easily get blown out of proportion, causing major headaches and time consuming arguments.

You have access to all of your exes' lives.


Technically, by going back to your ex's newsfeed you can see what they are doing and who they are with. Seeing them smiling and having a great time in photos may torment you. You begin to wonder if they have really moved on while you are here stuck reminiscing about the times you had.

Especially those who have had a strong relationship with their ex, keeping an eye on them through Facebook only brings back those memories. Having your ex as your friend on FB makes it more difficult to move on and it makes it uncomfortable for your current partner.

There is the double-edged sword of the location feature.


While the location feature is a great way of keeping tabs on where your partner is, it is a double-edged sword. You can always makes sure your partner is where they said they would be just by looking at the location on their photos; however, know this works both ways. If you tell your BF/ GF that you are at an event with your friends then a photo pops up of you at a completely different, my friend, are in trouble

You make yourself crazy because you can view everything in your GF/BF's past on their timeline.


We all have a past, but nothing puts it out there quite like Facebook. You can go as far back as their first day on Facebook, which is quite scary. We are sure you may have heard stories that give you an idea of what may have happened before you guys came into contact but actually seeing it on social media gives you a different perspective. The past is the past, right?...Not when it's all out there on social media for everyone to see.