So, People Are Having Sex With Their Cousins And We Need To Talk About It

by Candice Jalili
Endgame Entertainment

You guys. Something weird is happening.

Actually, let me clarify: Something very weird is happening. PEOPLE ARE FALLING IN LOVE WITH AND HAVING SEX WITH THEIR COUSINS. I had to include both because I'm not sure what's worse.

Like, having sex with your cousin is disgusting for obvious reasons, but then actually being into it and falling in love with that person? Next level freaky.

And let me be clear here. I'm not just talking about your mom's best friend's son who you call your "cousin" just because you've known him since you were in your respective wombs. No, people are having sex with their legit cousins. Real biological first cousins.

I came across this trend when I was going through Reddit yesterday trying to entertain with myself some kooky sex and dating stories. Much to my surprise, I came across more than a couple of examples of people who were having sex with their cousins.

THIS IS A THING THAT IS HAPPENING AND WE JUST HAVE TO TALK ABOUT IT. Please, for my own mental stability. Indulge me. Read these. Let's discuss. Here are tales and tales of people loving and making love to their cousins.

First, there were the people who got their v's swiped by their cousins.

Not gonna lie, that last one actually kind of made me want to not think this whole thing is repulsive.

Then, there were these people who were just hopelessly in love.

And, finally, there were these people who were in fully-fledged relationships.

So... yeah. I wasn't lying, you guys. Having sex with your cousin is apparently a thing these days.

Am I just being mean and judgy? Is it not actually that weird to be boinking your first cousin? Or is this actually as freaky as I think it is. Please enlighten me.

Also, just going to go ahead and say that I didn't even include all of the ones I came across. Some of them were just long tales of forbidden love that were just too long and creepy to get through. You're welcome for only including the most palatable ones.