Selena Gomez's TikTok about being single is hilarious.

Selena Made A TikTok About The Perils Of Being Single, And It’s So Relatable

I guess some struggles are universal.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As an award-winning singer and actress (and all-around A-lister), Selena Gomez is probably not be the most relatable star out there. And yet she’s proof that dating can be a challenge for everyone — no matter what their resume or IMDb page looks like. On April 14, the 29-year-old posted a video about her current relationship status (or lack thereof), and honestly, Gomez’s TikTok about being single is beyond relatable.

For the video, she used a popular TikTok sound from the 2014 comedy The Other Woman and lip synced Leslie Mann’s lines about the stressful and occasionally demoralizing world of dating: “Last time I was single, I was 24, and the dating pool was everyone. And now, it’s like a shallow puddle of age-appropriate men who are old and gross, and I don’t want to do that.”

Gomez lip synced the lines with some passion, and she added a caption that made it clear she knew the struggle all too well. “Me walking into my 30s, I’m OK with it tho,” she wrote alongside the video. (She turns 30 on July 22, BTW.)

Although it seems like Gomez was mostly having fun with this audio, some commenters called her out for what her dating “puddle” actually looks like. One wrote, “Girl, your dating pool is still everyone.” Another replied, “CHRIS EVANS AND DYLAN O BRIEN ARE RIGHT THERE LOVE.” (Love the enthusiasm.)

Though Gomez might enjoy joking about her single status, it doesn’t seem like she’s too concerned about it. In June 2021, a source claimed to Entertainment Tonight that Gomez was “not looking for something serious” at the time. “[She] is in no rush to settle down as her priority continues to be her heath, career, and philanthropy work,” according to the insider, adding that “she will only get involved in a serious relationship when she feels ready.”

Here’s hoping Chris Evans and/or Dylan O’Brien are on her roster for whenever that time comes.