7 Actually Scary Couples Costume Ideas That'll Really Freak Everyone Out

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According to Cady Heron circa 2004's Mean Girls: "In girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it." Well, it's 2017, slut-shaming is out, and I propose "reclaiming" Halloween as the one night a year when a girl can dress in a sinister, blood-soaked nightgown without prompting 911 calls/it being that time of month. (We're all adults here.) If you can convince your better half to get on your level, scary couples costume ideas are doubly hair-raising.

You may not be on board with the whole "terrify everyone at a party" vibe, and that is completely fine. If your interest is piqued, however, make sure you commit to horrifying your friends all the way. A quality spooky costume takes some time and investment. I would posit that if you are already coupled up, you know that a person on the planet finds you sexy, and you have less impressing to do — plus, my own personal costume hits were clever costumes, as opposed to toothsome ones. In fact, I'm not sure if I have ever worn a "sexy" costume. (#humblebrag.)

Dressing up as a disgusting, murdery monster is underrated. Don't pigeonhole yourself as a sexy animal this October 31. Instead, pledge to be a super gross human with your SO, and slather blood all over your cat costume from freshman year of college while bae wields an ax. Or, here are some ideas for costumes that will legitimately spook people out (especially if you hide in the bushes and pop out at them):

1. Pennywise And Georgie From It

Stephen King's nightmarish novel will be a go-to costume this year with the recent release of the feature film of the same title. Execution is key to making this costume work. The shorter partner should dress as Georgie. All you need is a yellow rain coat (this one is literally $5) and a red balloon. The closer-to-balding partner should dress as Pennywise, and I think investing in an actual costume is worth it. The key to beating out the three other Pennywises you will inevitably see at the party you're headed to is the makeup. Here's a tutorial. Don't forget the contacts and long front teeth.

2. Slenderman And A Child

The OG creepy pasta horror story that in fact led one sixth grader to stab another in 2014, Slenderman is f*cking creepy. On a lighter note, this is actually a very easy costume to make. Get this white bodysuit and wear a black suit over it. (Ideal for those who live in colder regions because layers.) Then, hold your hands like weird, long claws all night. Your partner can wear an old-timey dress or nightgown, and hold hands (claws) with Slender all night.

3. Trump And Bannon

A truly terrifying duo. You probably have a clear picture of how to put Trump together: Wear an ill-fitting suit, get a spray tan, and add this wig to be Mr. MAGA. (Black contacts optional.) Bannon can wear a Breitbart shirt — though I highly recommend you make your own rather than contributing to the actual site. Wear a shaggy wig and beard, and add weird skin coloration to your face with make up. (Black contacts recommended.)

4. The Grady Twins From The Shining

The Shining is one of my all-time favorite movies, and it is truly frightening. One of the more startling moments in Stanley Kubrick's film features two bloodied twins who appear in a hallway. No matter you and your partner's genders, you can make this costume work easily: Buy the actual costume dress, and add some bowsfake blood and dark under eye make up. Wigs are optional to make your hair match. Then, ask everyone to "come and play" with you "forever and ever." (Just got the chills.)

5. Count Orlok And Ellen From Nosferatu

This silent, expressionist German horror classic makes for a really awesome costume for one of you, and a really easy costume for the other. Count Orlok, the face of evil in the film, requires a frock coat, vampire teeth, prosthetic troll ears, and makeup for days. A spooky face is everything here, and if you're not a pro, get a friend with artistic skills to help out to achieve this look. Ellen, his victim, can pretty much wear a white nightgown and curl her hair into super curly ringlets, and act terrified. Bonus points: Actually check this creepy movie out.

6. Regan And Father Karras From The Exorcist

For Regan, Linda Blair's tortured character in this terrifying film, I would take the easy route and grab a costume online and focus the most attention on the very creepy makeup and mastering how to spiderwalk backwards down the stairs. For Father Karras, the young Jesuit priest who is tortured by the demon living within Regan, just snag a priest costume online and make it work, as Tim Gunn would say. If you live in the D.C. area, make sure to take photos in Georgetown, where the movie was filmed.

7. Carrie And Tommy

Another Stephen King-inspired duo. These costumes only work if you go with Brian DePalma's 1976 version of the film, not the unnecessary 2013 remake. Carrie is a simple costume: Get a long, light pink silky dress (how much you want to spend is up to you, because there will be blood), a cheap tiara, and hold some roses. Then, have bae dump fake blood all over you. For Tommy, get an epic blonde wig and find a vintage '70s tux (or ask your dad if he has something detailed with ruffles from back in the day) and be medium-sympathetic when Carrie gets blood poured all over her.

There you have it. Scary couples costumes are terrifying (as are the movies that go along with them), but they are the opposite of basic. Rather than dressing up as Beauty and the Beast, be two actual beasts and see which one of your friends freaks out the most. Halloween is a great time to get scared AF, so get freaky with your SO. Happy haunting.

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