5 Rules You Need To Follow When You're On The Rebound With A New Guy

by Sheena Reyes

I'll be the first one to say it: Having a rebound is an excellent idea.

The rebound(s) in my life certainly helped me after a painful breakup because I felt the extra love, attention and amazingness I deserved from a man.

However, you should remember that although Mr. Rebound is there to help you heal, in the end, you're the only one who can heal yourself completely. You can't search for love or attention in somebody else because you need to give that back to yourself.

That being said, you must follow these rules if you choose to have a rebound guy:

1. Be honest with yourself that your rebound is not "the one."

Yes, he seems exciting. He's new, he may be better looking and maybe he takes you on better dates.

You can pick out all the "good" qualities he has that your loser ex-boyfriend didn't.

But be honest: He is NOT the one you're going to marry. Let him give you the love you deserve, but you need to face the facts, girlfriend.

Before you jump into another serious relationship, you need "me" time, which leads me to the next rule.

2. Have a ton of quality "me" time.

It's so much fun being swept away by a newer, hotter and funnier guy. But stop, pause, meditate and please, have some "me" time. You owe it to yourself to spend sometime on your own.

Make sure you balance out all those nice dates with Mr. Rebound because you need to focus back on yourself. Again, this break-up time is ALL about YOU.

You gave your heart to a man, and it didn't work out. So, it's time to re-fill your own "love bucket" so it can overflow with self-love and appreciation for the person you are.

Right now, you need to recharge your love for yourself. Do yoga, write in your journal, go for nature walks, spend time with your girlfriends, go for a dance and do all the things that make you feel great.

Just embrace your "me" time.

3. Be honest with your rebound that you aren't ready for anything serious.

If your rebound sees a future with you, please clearly communicate to him that you aren't ready for anything serious.

Take your time with this one. There's no need to rush into anything because you're still healing yourself.

So communicate and be honest with him as well as yourself. You need healing for yourself.

You are allowed to have nice sexy-time and fun dates with Mr. Rebound, but just know you need to take your time.

4. Do not post your new rebound guy all over social media.

Please do not be immature and shallow and post a photo of you and your rebound on social media. The world knows you've gone through a breakup.

If your close friends are intelligent enough, they will realize a public display of social media affection is just tacky.

It screams, “I'm insecure. Look at my hot, successful new beau!” You don't need to shout it out to the world. Keep it simple.

Keep the private love stuff to yourself. It's more special that way.

5. Be open to talking about your ex.

Some people may not agree with me on this, but if he is your rebound, then he is your friend as well.

You are still healing from your past relationship, so it's actually OK to talk about your ex to your rebound.

Being more open will build your friendship with your rebound even further, so he can see exactly where you just came from in your last relationship.

Simply being open to communication is always a good idea.