Rihanna makes great songs to listen to before a date.
10 Rihanna Songs To Listen To Before A Date To Feel Like A Baddie

Please don’t stop the music!

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You better “work, work, work, work, work” if you’re listening to Rihanna’s music tonight. The “Umbrella” singer is an icon and over the course of her 16-year career, she’s made plenty of songs that get people in the mood. Whether it’s “Talk That Talk” or “Rockstar,” there are tons of great Rihanna songs to listen to before a date, because the icon knows just what to say to get people on their feet. Her jams will put you in the mood for some special lovin’ and they’ll even make you feel more confident than the “bad gal” herself.

With eight studio albums under her belt, Rihanna has proven that her music sells like hot cakes in the hip-hop world. And given her newfound billionaire status, you can bet that Rihanna knows exactly what it takes to be successful. In fact, her 2016 bop “Needed Me” almost has 1 billion streams on Spotify, and you can bet your bottom dollar that you can add that to your date night playlist. If you want to know what other Riri songs you should listen to right before a date, scroll below!

“This Is What You Came For”

Lightning strikes every time she moves / And everybody's watching her / But she's looking at you, ooh, ooh.

There’s no other song that can make you feel like a baddie other than “This Is What You Came For.” This record was written by Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris and it’s no doubt a club banger.

“Pon de Replay”

Well, I'm ready for ya / Come let me show ya / You want to groove, I'mma show you how to move.

It’s hard not to listen to Rihanna’s breakout song “Pon de Replay” when you’re getting ready for a date. This song will have you dancing in the middle of your bedroom and singing at the top of your lungs.

“Love On The Brain”

And I run for miles just to get a taste / Must be love on the brain / That's got me feeling this way (feeling this way).

“Love On The Brain” is one of Rihanna’s best feel-good songs, and it makes you think about all the things you love about your partner.

“Who’s That Chick?”

Back on the dance floor bad enough to take me home / Bass kicking so hard blazing through my beating heart.

Have you ever walked into a room and everyone had their eyes on you? Well, Rihanna and David Guetta’s song “Who’s That Chick?” perfectly sums up that feeling of being the most popular one at the party.


You're a shooting star I see / A vision of ecstasy / When you hold me, I'm alive / We're like diamonds in the sky.”

There’s no better way to get excited for your date tonight than to play “Diamonds” by Rihanna. The lyrics alone make you feel excited to fall in love.


Oh, I love the feeling you bring to me, oh, you turn me on / It's exactly what I've been yearning for, give it to me strong.”

Ready to take control of your love life? Try giving “S&M” by Rihanna a try. By the end of the song, you’ll feel like a complete boss.

“We Found Love”

It's the way I'm feeling I just can't deny / But I've gotta let it go / We found love in a hopeless place.”

“We Found Love” is one of Rihanna’s most popular songs. This bop is the perfect song to play when you’re falling in love for the first time.

“Rude Boy”

Tonight, I'ma give it to you harder / Tonight, I'ma turn your body out / Relax, let me do it how I wanna.”

Rihanna has so many great date night songs and “Rude Boy” is one of them. She tells her lover exactly what she wants to happen in this dancehall anthem.

“What’s My Name?”

Hey boy, I really wanna see if you / Can go downtown with a girl like me / Hey boy, I really wanna be with you.”

“What’s My Name?” is all about linking up with someone new. When you find someone that you’re crushing on, try playing this bop.


I believed all of your dreams, adoration / You took my heart and my keys and my patience / You took my heart on my sleeve for decoration.

There’s no doubt about it — Rihanna’s song “Work” will make you feel like a dancehall queen!

These 10 songs will give a Rihanna level of confidence on your date tonight. Have fun!

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