Rihanna is pregnant, and fans' reactions on Twitter and TikTok will make you feel seen.
Fans Literally Cannot Handle Rihanna's Pregnancy News

They've got love on the brain.

Taylor Hill/WireImage/Getty Images

RiRi is expecting! The Savage x Fenty founder revealed her pregnancy on Jan. 31 after pictures of her, her baby bump, and A$AP Rocky were taken in New York City over the weekend. And I can confirm I’m not the only one thinking that this baby won the gene pool lottery. Fans reactions to the pregnancy announcement are all pretty much in agreement: Rihanna and A$AP’s baby-to-be is lucky as hell.

Although Rihanna and A$AP’s pregnancy announcement might have come as a surprise to some, plenty of fans knew this one was coming. (And not just because they were following the rumors for the last few months.) Back in April, A$AP didn’t shy away from showing his love to RiRi. During his GQ interview, he bluntly called Rihanna his “lady” and the “love of [his] life.” He added, “I think when you know, you know. She’s the One." (My heart!)

Their love seems to have only grown stronger since then, and there’s nothing better than seeing her look so in love and happy with her growing fam. Well, there might be one thing better (or equally as heart-warming): scrolling through fans’ reactions to her pregnancy. I just love knowing I’m not the only one gushing over this, OK?

If you feel the same, take a look at some of the best reactions on Twitter and TikTok so far.

This Video That Says What We’re All Thinking

Turns out I’m not the only one who teared up today.

This Tweet About Feeling A Little Jealous

Their baby is so lucky.

This Tweet About The Baby’s Potential Talent

No, you weren’t the only one thinking it!

This Tweet About Wishing For New Music

Rihanna fans are not giving up the hope of a baby/album double feature. (Fingers crossed!)

This TikTok About Men Wishing They Were A$AP

Can you really blame them?

This Tweet Acknowledging The *Impact*

Mondays now belong to Rihanna, OK?

This TikTok About Rihanna’s Next Album

Babies and albums aren’t mutually exclusive, OK? I’d even settle for a RiRi nursery rhyme.

This Tweet About RiRi’s Plan

In June 2019, the singer told Interview she wants to be a mother “more than anything.” That October, she told Vogue that she’d leave the timing to “God’s plan.” Finally, in March 2020, she told British Vogue that her 10-year plan included having “three or four” kids, with or without a partner. So it sounds like she’s just getting started.

This Tweet About Rihanna Being Your Mom

TBH, I’d have the same reaction.

This Tweet About Being Slightly Heartbroken


This Tweet About Their Family Dynamic

This baby already has the coolest mom ever.

This Tweet Saying Congrats

Congratulations are 100% in order.

Another TikTok About Men Wishing They Were A$AP

It’s OK to mourn your chances.

This Tweet About Reincarnation

What I’d give to be a part of Rihanna and A$AP’s growing fam.

This TikTok About Hearing The Announcement

Even when the pregnancy was just a rumor, people were shook.

This Tweet About Missing Her Music

Fans are wavering between being super excited for the couple and still wishing for a new album.

This Tweet About Baby Gifts

Taylor Swift is known for knitting blankets for celebrity babies, so maybe Rihanna and A$AP should keep a lookout for any packages from the singer?

This Tweet About Spreading The Word

If you don’t have your Rihanna alerts on at all times, WYD?

This TikTok About Feeling Shocked

Raise your hand if you’re shocked.

This Tweet About Rihanna Being A Trend-Starter

Of course, Rihanna makes being pregnant look incredible.

Do you see why these reactions might be as exciting to me as the pregnancy announcement itself? Please, keep ’em coming!