This Guy's Divorce Settlement Is The Best Revenge On His Cheating Wife

by Candice Jalili
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Being cheated on by your boyfriend or girlfriend is one thing. But being cheated on by your spouse? The mother of your children? Well, that is just a giant kick in the balls.

But cheating still happens all of the time, right? Husbands cheat on wives; wives cheat on husbands. The same people they tearfully vowed to spend the rest of their lives with suddenly become overshadowed by some young, hot slam pieces. Or even worse, by someone they've fallen in love with.

Well, the worst case scenario happened to this guy a while back when his wife cheated on him. By his own admission, they were going through a bit of a marital rough patch. But he didn't think it was anything out of the ordinary. No, he just assumed it was normal married people stuff.

He noticed she had been texting her "girlfriends" a little more than usual, but, again, didn't think much of it. That is until he accidentally happened upon the Facebook messages she had exchanged with another man.

He continued to track the messages silently until it became abundantly clear his wife was having an affair with this man. They were sexting, exchanging "I love you's" back and forth, and were even making fun of him, her husband. They were laughing at his deepest insecurities and his inability to satisfy her in bed as if they were the most hilarious inside jokes.

You know, just a classic knife twisting in your heart kind of stuff.

As I mentioned earlier, you hear about married people having affairs all the time. What don't you hear about? The spouse who was cheated on getting some sweet, sweet revenge.

I mean, call me spiteful but I think after the person who promised to spend the rest of your life with you rips your heart into five million pieces, you're entitled to a little bit of quid pro quo.

And revenge is exactly what this guy got. He played his cards absolutely perfectly and managed to come out of the whole thing the absolute boss champion of divorce.

How did he do it? Have the scorned man tell you himself in the Reddit post below: