There's Actual Research Proving Why Guys With Girlfriends Seem Hotter

by Alexa Mellardo

It's no secret whenever a woman meets someone who seems to be the perfect guy, she finds out he's already taken.

Women always want what looks great on someone else.

Face it, it’s usually easier to identify something you really like when someone else is wearing it… And it's much more challenging and overwhelming to pick it straight off the rack.

Census statistics from 2010 prove there are 100 women for every 88 men.

A study published recently in Forbes delves into the Census data to indicate where you live in the world can decrease the likeliness of meeting a hunny.

Based on this information, if a guy is a good catch, it is likely he's already taken. It’s all a major competition, and you’re certainly not the first (and probably not the last) pair of eyes to discover his hotness.

Sure, science tells us women can't control attraction toward taken guys, but that doesn't mean they are the guys gals should be scoping out...

What is it that makes a guy in a relationship so attractive? What traits define Mr. Right?

Most women agree they want a guy who is committed, loyal, motivated and respectful.

We’re talking jackpot if he is also affectionate, a good listener and a great communicator. Big bonus if he's taller than she is (in heels), has a sexy smile and lives a healthy lifestyle.

Men's Health did a study surveying more than 1,000 American women to find out the top traits they seek in men. A sense of humor, faithfulness, good listening habits and a sense of style were ranked as the highest traits.

Are these qualities unrealistic? Are women setting the bar too high? So many factors play a part in these questions. It's quite possible the right guy is just hard to find, but he's available and worth the hunt.

Are all the guys with the traits gals desire really off the market? Or is it the fact that “taken” guys automatically establish themselves as "good boyfriend material" simply by being in a committed relationship?

After all, a solid relationship usually reflects responsibility and stability in a guy -- which is quite sexy.

The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found it is absolutely common for single women to be interested in attached men more than single men.

The findings show women are attracted to men not available to them because men in relationships demonstrate the ability to commit.

So, why do we desire what we can’t have?

A study featured in New Scientist proposes men appear sexier when they are in a relationship because women already “pre-screened” them.

When offered a taken man, 90 percent of the studied women were "up for the chase."

A guy’s previously established “stamp of approval” makes a woman feel more secure. She isn't just taking a chance with a single man (whose boyfriend potential is unclear).

Psychology Today points out some gals may be attracted to a taken man because he is more experienced. If another woman is already dating him, it somehow increases his boyfriend-worthiness.

When it comes down to it, women are afraid of the unknown -- especially when picking out the perfect mate.

Instead of going after someone else's partner, find your own. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

- You can meet a guy when or where you least expect it -- the laundromat, grocery store, bookstore, on a run, night class, concert or financial seminar. Ladies, Mr. Perfect may not be taken! Switch up the routine and get moving.

- In order to score your version of the "best," you have to be the best version of yourself. Have a positive attitude and re-evaluate what you have to offer in a relationship.

- Never judge a book by its cover. This piece of advice works both ways: The taken guy may not be so hot after all, and the single guy you think is not your type might just be the man of your dreams.

- When, and if, you are attracted to that taken guy, proceed with caution. If he shows interest in you or has a wandering eye while in a relationship, he may have already lost points for three important qualities: loyalty, respect and commitment toward his significant other. If he disrespects her, he'll probably disrespect you.

- Finding your own guy is worth the effort; you don't need to be attracted to someone else's. He may be in Nome, Alaska, but he is out there somewhere!

Sure, the description of a perfect guy seems impossible to fill, but nothing spectacular comes easy in life. Success is comprised of nothing less than hard work, determination and risk.

Finding an "untaken" guy extremely attractive and making him yours will be well worth the diligent effort and ever so rewarding in the end!