6 Old-Fashioned Dating Rules That Are Keeping You From Landing One

by Menna Ayman

Winning men over is a piece of cake.

All you have to do is be blonde, brunette and a redhead, all at the same time.

You have to be emotional but not moody, cute with a hint of sexiness, independent but not self-centered, clever but not nerdy and skinny but curvy.

Scrap all of that nonsense.

If you’re looking for a manual that can help you win men over, don't bother because you won’t find any.

Men do not come to you if you follow peculiar steps.

Remember to blame your TV for inserting these ideas into your head.

Reality is nothing like what you've grown up seeing on TV.

A single girl in today’s world should know better than to arm herself with lines from rom-coms or sentimental lyrics, no matter how nice they are.

It is time to get past love’s deadliest misconceptions.

Here are six old relationship rules you need to do away with to win a man over:

1. Don't think it's all about chemistry.

When you’re blinded by chemistry, you don’t think straight.

Chemistry is so powerful, it can easily drive you away from sanity.

We often surrender to laws of attraction without realizing how lethal some attractions can be.

Other issues of significance may be screaming for your attention while you’re besotted in la la land.

Undoubtedly, chemistry between two individuals means great potential. But once you use it to jump to conclusions, it can poison the entire relationship.

2. Don't think you need to put yourself out there.

Actually, no. You don’t.

Sometimes, men only come your way when you stop looking.

This is the golden rule of attraction. Do not try too hard. Your efforts are needed elsewhere.

It doesn't matter how many dates you go on in your road to find ultimate happiness.

Sometimes, all you need to focus on are your career, family and friendships to make Mr. Right come your way.

3. Don't think physical appearance could be a deal breaker.

It was never about looks. In the end, it all comes down to how pretty you are inside.

Men are never won over by looks alone.

Looks are great for starters, first glances and first dates. But no man ever fell in love because of a woman’s cat-eye makeup or her golden highlights.

Relationships require connections: mental ones, intellectual ones and emotional ones.

Plus, physical appearances fade. But a good heart lasts a lifetime.

Don't be afraid to admit it: Mental connections are seriously hot.

They open up the gates to steamy debates, day-long conversations and laughter from the heart.

It's safe to say that if two individuals connect mentally, they will never experience a moment of dullness.

4. Don't compare the former and the next lover.

A relationship done is a relationship gone.

It is not a link to the next one, so you don't need to compare the two or think someone has led you to the other.

Make peace with your past, no matter how harsh or memorable it was.

Send it love and move along.

Remember to start fresh every chance you get. Don't let yesterday's mistakes deprive you from today’s experiences.

5. Don't think that you're a relationship expert.

There is no such thing as enough relationship experience. So don’t act like you know it all because something is going to knock you down sooner rather than later.

It is always good to have a background on how relationships are built as long as you keep it at the back of your head.

Don't ever let it lead you.

Trust, feel and experience everything for the first time, every time.

6. Don't believe you are going to wind up an old maid.

How many of you have had this thought before?

Direct and indirect factors around us force us to look for ways to settle down.

I wish someone had uttered these magical words to me sooner: You have time.

We are constantly being hassled and pressured to find our perfect match, our soulmate and the man of our dreams.

There are so many questions that just add to the pre-existing trauma in our heads, but there is a solution to that: You have time.

There’s time to figure out the answers to all the questions we ask ourselves daily.

There's time to discover what we really want, and how we want it.

There is a time for everything.