Danil Nevsky

This Quiz Will Tell You If Your Relationship Problems Are All Your Fault

Long-term relationships force you to see all the embarrassing parts of yourself you would normally rather avoid. It's like holding a mirror up to your deepest, most pressing insecurities.

However, while some of us are extremely self-aware that the reason we're SO MAD is because we're projecting our own issues on to our partners, others are completely blind to the fact that, most of the time, the incessant fighting, the constant arguing, the endless mishaps are really ALL THEIR OWN DAMN FAULT.

Look, I'm not judging. I'll confess: I'm solely responsible for at least half of the fights in my partnerships. And usually when I get the most upset and angry, I've realized it's nothing my partner has done — the situation is just triggering something I've buried deep within myself, and now I'm dealing with it by placing blame on my partner.

Which isn't cool. Or fair. Or fun for anyone. No one deserves to be treated like a punching bag, especially in a romantic relationship. (I fixed this by going to therapy, by the way.)

The lines can get blurry in relationships. Relationships are so wildly complex that they can turn the best of us into total head cases. And most of the time when we're fighting, we're not even sure if it's our fault or their fault or the damn dog's fault.

HOW CAN YOU TELL? It's all so hard to figure out, isn't it, kittens?

Well here is a quiz to help you figure out if it's all your fault or all their fault.