This Quiz Will Tell You If You Are 'Relationship Material' Or Not

by Kaitlyn Cawley

Relationship material, unlike cotton or denim, isn't tactile. In fact, relationships aren't really a "one-size fits all" type of deal at all.

Some people try on relationship material only to discover it's too small; some people find they stretch it out. And, honestly, love is too expensive to keep wearing a bad fit.

Being single isn't a curse; it's actually... kind of fun. Of course, until it isn't. But we're really all just the type of people to stare into our neighbors' yards and comment on how much greener everything looks over there, anyway. So, why ruin a good thing?

The point is, there will be some points in your life that you'll be a hell of a lot more "relationship material" than others. For example, look at college you vs now you. And if you're still in college, I can probably already predict this quiz's outcome for you.

This quiz will help you determine just how amenable you are to a relationship in this very moment — and, hey, it might change in a couple of minutes, days, weeks, months or years. And that's OK! Work at your own speed. Try on a few different shirts, or people or... videos.

Take everything you hear with several helpings of salt and realize that if you're still single, it's probably because you haven't met the right person yet. Not because you are or you aren't cut from the same cloth as "relationship material."

Then again, maybe you are the common denominator. In which case, take the quiz and find out.