7 New Relationship Milestones You Probably Forgot To Celebrate

Every relationship has milestones.

Typically, we gauge relationships depending on what life stage the people in them are at, such as moving in together, getting engaged, getting married and finally, having babies.

It seems those are the milestones we celebrate the most because they signify the most growth and commitment between two people who love each other.

However, there are so many other firsts. As insignificant as they may be, they help define what two people love about each other (and more so, want together).

1. The First Time He Suggests You Leave Your Toothbrush At His Place

It's a tiny gesture that says, "Hey, I really care about you, and I want you to feel comfortable being here."

Leaving anything personal at each other's places is a huge step.

2. The First Time You Buy Something Together

It doesn't have to be something big.

Say you both suffer from '90s nostalgia and want to play Mario Kart on the original N64.

So, you both decide to chip in the 25 bucks to buy it.

3. The First Credit Card You Open Together

There's nothing quite like going into $1,300 worth of debt together over a bedroom set you both fell in love with.

Trust me: I know.

4. The First Holiday Spent Together

Whatever your faith and whatever holidays you celebrate, the one thing we all have in common is we all have our own traditions.

The first time you invite him over to drink hot chocolate, watch "It's A Wonderful Life" snuggled in adult-sized footie pajamas and wrap gifts for everyone to open the following morning, it may seem like a super cheesy tradition.

But hey, it's what works for me.

5. The First Time You Come Close To Breaking Up

Every couple hits rough patches at some point.

I don't believe two people in a relationship don't hit that moment when they have to have the "talk."

Sometimes, the talk means you're actually breaking up, and you realize you aren't suited for one another.

In the other instance, having the talk presents an opportunity to go over what may be bothering you, and helps you find a way to fix it. Every couple has arguments because humans are flawed.

But the best part about having a rough patch is you can understand the other's point of view. You can grow both individually and in your relationship.

Being upfront and honest with one another is essential for any relationship.

Truthfully, finding out you both can survive the first time you disagree and get into that really big, horrific fight is a good feeling. It makes you realize the person you're with is someone you would fight for.

You're with someone who -- despite whatever happened -- you want to be with day in and day out.

6. The First Time His Friends Invite You Somewhere Solo

It's kind of like getting a stamp of approval for a job well done. They think you're awesome, funny and someone they can imagine hanging out with.

But more importantly, they are telling you they think you're a good fit for their friend, which is almost as big as getting the seal of approval from the parents.

7. The First Time His Mom Says She Approves Of You Joining The Family

This counts for guys and girls, of course. But speaking personally, there's nothing quite like the first time you hear that your significant other's mom approves of you becoming her future daughter-in-law.

A mom only wants the best for her son or daughter. His mom wants someone who will respect her son, be loyal to him and love him like no one else in this world would.

So, getting approval from a mom who looks at you and says "yes" is the first step toward all those other really important milestones that will be happening before you know it.